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Which Is The Best JavaScript Framework For App Development: React Or Angular

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React or Angular? Which is the most deserving JavaScript framework? If you are looking for a clear-cut performance-wise comparison of the two, then you’re at the right place.

App development is nothing new to anyone of you, right? Also, you know that app or web app development is a complex process. There are so many tools to start the process, so many programming languages to use, so many frameworks to put into used to simplify the coding part, etc. 

But our point of discussion today is the widely known JavaScript framework, React and Angular. So, let’s start a genuine comparison between the two, starting with a brief overview of both!

Basic Overview:


React, introduced in 2013, is primarily used for the UI development of your web application. In real terms, React is a less JavaScript framework and is a library in fact. 


Angular, launched in 2016, is an update to the old AngularJS. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that goes well with a web application and mobile application development. Currently, there are 7 versions of Angular (latest one released in 2019).



Since React is famous for both web and mobile application development, it is also put into use for single-and multi-page web applications. But, React cannot single-handedly develop these applications. 

For the development of web applications, React needs Cordova as the accompanying framework. While for mobile app development, React Native accompanies React.


Angular works almost similarly like React. It develops both, web and mobile applications that can be single and multi-page. 

In the case of web applications, you need to use Ionic as the second framework. For mobile development, you need to use NativeScript. 

Need for other libraries:


Working with React for the UI development of web or mobile apps consumes a bit of time. Because along with React, several other libraries need to be put into use. 

Such libraries are Redux, Helmet, React Router, etc. These libraries perform a specific function in UI development. For other functions like project generation, data binding, form validation, etc. needs the help of further libraries. 


The above complexity while performing functions like data binding, form validation, and project generation, etc. are not common with Angular. 

Since Angular is a full-fledged open-source JavaScript framework, it is capable of performing any of the above-mentioned function on its own. So, with Angular, there is no need to install or use any other library/package. 

Working Community:


In terms of popularity, React is more popular and powerful than Angular. Courtesy the development team behind it that constantly works hand-in-hand in making this JavaScript framework as swift as possible. 

Anyone learning React must be a quick learner as the updates of React comes pretty soon. 

Due to this reason, today, React is widely utilized by companies like Facebook, Airbnb, Walmart, Instagram, Twitter, Microsoft, Uber, etc. 


Because of the parent developers being Google, Angular is put into use today. But since it’s highly complex and needs constant efforts from the learner to master it, it’s use is rare nowadays. Google constantly releases updates of the framework to enhance its popularity. 

Along with this, Google also provides long-term support to the framework to improve it to an extent. 

For this reason, it is used by companies like McDonald’s, AT&T, Apple, HBO, etc. 

UI Components:


With UI development, there are several UI components. Some of these components are free to use while others are not. 

To use these UI components, you have to install one library, Material-UI library. This library comprises both free and paid UI components that the community updates frequently. 


With Angular, there is no need to install any additional library as its built-in toolset consists of the UI components. 

In Angular, there are several buttons, pop-ups, layouts available that make UI development easier and more comfortable. 

So, with this, the blog ends. And, React is more popular than Angular in some parameters while in the ease of app development, UI development, Angular is the best. But both possess their own pros and cons. 

The usage and simplicity of each depend on the application and the knowledge of the programmer.

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