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When Developing React Native Apps Avoid these 7 Mistakes?

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React Native is an incredible mobile application development framework. And that has created by Facebook and the communities. It’s an open-source platform that you may use for developing great mobile applications. Building a React Native application is simple. If you’re following the official documentation and have fundamental web development skills. 

Here in this post, we will discuss the errors. That you may confront during your React-Native App Development. You must try to avoid these issues. They may cost your time and money. 

1. Images Are Not Optimized 

The React Developers don’t optimize the images that are necessary. This is a huge mistake that developers are doing. The optimized images can increase the performance of your app. Also, this will make your application lightweight. Well, if you are developing an app for your business using the React-native framework. You must optimize all the images. 

2. Mistaken Project Structure

The wrong structure of a project can make it difficult to work. And makes it tough to manage the project. The project divided in various ways. And, the organized project folders and files will make the developer work easier.

Fresher doesn’t invest a lot of time on the project, not realizing that it may mess up what’s to come. 

Having a great structure of a project is very essential. So, you must choose the right project structure for your React native application. 

3. Wrong Estimation

Another regular mistake by React-Native engineers is. They gauge project designs and structures. It may cause problems. It’s significant that you estimate the layouts of your projects for iOS and Android. During structure estimation, the validation design estimation should perform, as well. 

4. Inaccurate Redux Store Arrangement

Redux is a valuable device that encourages you to manage the data of your app. It aids developers to spare the data in a proper manner. Yet, if you don’t plan the Redux store, it can make issues. 

They focus too much on the layouts. And do not think about data handling. This becomes a bigger mistake the developers always make.

5. Not Analyzing The Code Of Outer Modules

The React Developers love to include outer modules to their projects. Yet they often commit the error of not perusing the code of the outside modules. That they’ve added to their project. It’s significant that you check whatever you’ve added to your task. 

There are issues in the outer modules. So, those modules won’t work as it should be. Thus, analyzing them can assure the smooth performance of your app. 

6. Leaving The ‘Console.Log’ In Your Application.

The Console.log statements are helpful. They can assist you with discovering bugs. Using these announcements, you may know why your application isn’t filling in the true to form. And you can realize which code line is causing the issue. Yet, leaving the ‘console.log’ statements can affect your application performance in a negative way. They will back off your application. So ensure that you expel those statements after the troubleshooting has finished. 

7. Not Following The Coding Best Practices

If you are not familiar with the best practices of coding, this can be a big mistake in the React-Native app development project. There are various basics and particular-to-react native coding best practices. And you must follow in developing your mobile application. 

For instance, you must purse the naming gatherings and try to boost the readability of your code. 

So, not following the best practices of coding may slow down the process of your app development. Also, it will lower the execution and app quality. So, you need to follow the best coding practices. 

Final words

So, in a nutshell, you must avoid these 7 errors or mistakes while developing a React-Native mobile Application. Also, there will be another mistake, which you can make when creating your very first mobile application with React. Here, we have discussed the basic mistakes made by mobile app developers. It’s essential to learn from your mistakes and you won’t repeat them in your next big project. 

Once you avoid these mistakes, you can save lots of time and money. And also you can finish your React-Native Based project without any hurdle. So, you should keep these things in mind when developing your next mobile application with React-Native. 

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