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What is Kotlin? The alternative of Java explained

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Do you want to know about what is Kotlin?. Alright, in this article we discuss Kotlin and its benefits. Because of these benefits, developers are using Kotlin instead of Java. 

Kotlin is a general-purpose, open-source programming language. The JVM and Android are making use of Kotlin, focusing on interoperability, clarity, safety and great support.

It also includes lambdas, coroutines, properties, and many other features. This makes your code less and also fewer bugs or errors. The name kotlin is not a recent one. It is present since 2011. kotlin became open-source in 2012. later JetBrains developed it to version 1.0 in 2016.

Till the end of 2017, Java and C languages were in use for android development. But the proposal of kotlin has changed everything. This language became an official language for android in the Google i/o note. It also includes IntelliJ and Android Studio 3.0.

Kotlin combines both object-oriented and functional programming. You can use kotlin along with your current java projects. Also, you can shift to kotlin. Android Studio and IntelliJ provide easy converters from java to kotlin.

you can convert your existing Java code into kotlin code through the converters. Although developers love Java, kotlin compiles the code to the JVM. By using kotlin you can avoid NullPointerExceptions, which is s million-dollar mistake. 

Kotlin protects you while you are operating on Nullable types. The compiler will auto-cast the type for you. There are many benefits of Kotlin over Java. So don’t miss out on kotlin for your next project. 

What are the benefits of Kotlin over Java?

1. Logical and Flawless integration with Android studio

Kotlin’s integration with Android studio is very smooth. You can finish the setup within minutes. You can start working in the studio with kotlin in few minutes. There are some plugins are available to ease your start. 

2. It is a Multi-platform Language

Kotlin operates on various platforms. It works not only in Android but all JVM supported devices. This suits well for front-end development and Gradle files creation. Kotlin language supports many platforms. 

3. Compact code

Using Kotlin you can write compact code. Which means there is no need to write long long lines of code. Your code will be smart and short in Kotlin. This ensures the bug or error-free code. This feature helps you in saving time as well as increasing productivity.

4. Easy learning and cost-free

Kotlin is easy to learn language. It is simple but effective. You can understand the code in the best way. There is no doubt that Kotlin is user-friendly.

As you know kotlin is an open-source language. So it takes nothing to adopt kotlin. You can easily convert Java code into Kotlin in few minutes. This is an exceptional feature in Kotlin.

5. Security and Data classes

Every Java developer hates NullpointerException. Android uses Null to represent the empty value. Putting Null in the type system enables Kotlin to solve this problem.

The developer’s work becomes simple when there are new data classes. We can represent the classes in a line. You can avoid boilerplate code with this. Kotlin does the same for us. 

6. Interoperability with Java

Kotlin is popular because of its interoperability with Java. There are some plugins and converters that are there to ease the process of code transfer. Thus, the code transfer from Java to Kotlin became easy. 

This attracts many developers towards Kotlin. It uses Java tools and libraries and compatible with them. It also supports Java versions 6 and 7. 

7. Kotlin is more like Swift

Swift is very much similar to kotlin. If you have experienced swift, then understanding kotlin is easy. 

The syntax of both swift and kotlin is –

  • Swift: print(“Hello World!”)
  • Kotlin: println(“Hello world!”) 

Final words

This article defines the basic features of Kotlin. kotlin has many benefits over Java. Developers can easily create apps using kotlin. 

 Finally, Kotlin has many advantages over Java to run on JVM. Kotlin is faster, safer, concise, and accurate compared to Java. 

Kotlin supports both object-oriented and functional programming. It includes various features such as lambdas, coroutines and more. It promotes null safety over types. 

If you have a good experience in Java, then you will be productive in Kotlin in no time.

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