Visual Studio Code Vs Visual Studio: Which Is The Best Among These Two

The debate between Visual Studio code vs. Visual studio depends upon the work styles. Yet different working practices need different features and language support. In this article, I am discussing how to choose the best for your work. 

For many decades, most of us used to get up in the morning and start the Microsoft Visual Studio. Then we used to enjoy our coffee and finish our things off. Later we came back to the Studio for working. 

You know what I will say. Yes, Visual Studio is very slow and takes a huge time for the startup process. We need to keep it open all day, to avoid the slow starting delay. 

If you work on C++ projects, handling huge code lines, then you can run batch scripts. It will conduct a full code checkout and rebuild it in some time. 

But in these modern times, there is no need for either waiting for the slow startup or keeping it open all day. Thanks to the Visual Studio code. This IDE starts up quickly and you can be active on the work within minutes. 

But I am not saying that it will automatically do all the work. Even Visual studio code needs some monthly updates. The extensions added needs regular updates for effective working. 

Even though it has many extensions, it will take very little time to update them. The visual studio takes more time to re-build the symbol in a large C++ project. Compared to studio code, the Visual studio is rusty and follows a slow starting process. 

Although, choosing a winner among the Visual studio code and Visual code is not simple. One is a lightweight code editor, and another one is heavyweight IDE. Both the editors are different. The visual studio is highly complete and visual studio code is highly configurable. 

Hence it all depends upon the work style you follow, language and features support you need. Let’s know the capabilities of each code editor.

What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual studio code vs Visual studio

Visual studio code may be lightweight but a powerful source code editor. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. This editor comes with built-in JavaScript and Node.js

Visual studio code provides rich ecosystems for other languages like Python, PHP, C++ and go. 

VS Code is not only a lightweight editor, but it also offers a quick starting process. That has the Intellisense to auto-complete the code comprising variables, methods, and modules. 

That helps in the completion of multi-cursor editing, graphical debugging and parameter hints. It is handy for code navigation and refactoring.

Visual studio code comprising electron shell, Javascript and language protocol. You should update it on a monthly basis. All the extensions need an update regularly. 

It offers great support depends upon the language. Syntax highlighting, bracket matching are some examples of this. If no Language support is available, then you can add basic features for your language. It includes TextMate which colorizes the code.

The visual source code repository is an open-source under MIT license. This is free despite licenses. 

What is Visual Studio?

Visual studio code vs Visual studio

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s prominent IDE, which is compatible with Windows and Mac. With the help of this powerful studio, you can analyze, develop, debug and test the code. You can also collaborate and deploy the software using Visual studio.

Visual studio is running in the current version of Visual Studio 2019. On windows, it works on 17 workloads which are a must for different development targets. 

Workloads are the gift to the visual studio installation process. Because the installation process can take hours and fills the disk space. 

The installation process of a Visual studio in Mac has fewer complications. Because of Mac won’t support all the targets. It allows web development, android development with .NET, Azure, Unity and Docker support. 

The VS comes with 3 plans:-

1. Community (Free, not supported for enterprise)

2. Professional ($1,199 for the first year and $799 for renewal)

3. Enterprise ($5999 for the first month and $2569 for the renewal)

The enterprise package includes advanced debugging features. 

Visual Studio code VS Visual Studio?

We hope you understand about Visual studio code Vs Visual studio. Now let me go through VS or VS code. By this time you may think differentiating between an IDE and Editor is easy. But it’s not that easy mate. 

Even VS code can match VS with a certain configuration. If you are working on test-driven developments, then VS code offers various extensions. These extensions support PHP, .NET and Node.js. Visual studio is good for working with databases like Microsoft SQL.

But, VS code provides over 12 extensions for working in databases. VS provides great refactoring support but VS code provides some basic refactoring facilities. 

Visual studio enterprise will be helpful for you in advanced debugging purposes. The enterprise is handy when you are working with team members. VS Code is popular in the Data science community. It supports Linux.

But VS doesn’t support Linux, but the Windows version has C++ and Linux workloads with Azure support. If your projects were long enough to take hours a day, then Visual Studio is the best fit. If you want to switch between the tasks and want faster experience, then go for Visual Studio code. 

Hope this article gives enough information about Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. You can choose any of them based on your work requirements.