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Our UI/UX team designs user interfaces for mobile apps and web products that increase conversion, reduce the cost of maintenance and build a consistent user experience.

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project initiation workshops

In- house/ Online

scoping session
  • you have a prototype or wireframes of the product
  • you have analysis of technical opportunities and information about a cost of development
  • time 1 day in-house, 1-2 days online session (4-6h)
full product design workshops
  • you have an idea of the product with a few unknowns
  • you have a full stack team to help in transforming the idea into a mature solution
  • time 2 days in-house, 2-3 days online session (8-12h)
design sprint
  • you have a complex solution that requires verification
  • you have a genuine validation based on research and prototype tested with potential users
  • time 5 days in-house, 5-7 days online session (24-30h)

Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

We care about your business. It is through thorough understanding that we design products that understand problems before solving them. Your customers are just as valuable to us as they are to you.

For years now, we have transformed the digital industry by making products that are customer-centric and easy-to-use. We have worked hard on demanding UI/UX projects to create integrative and compatible SaaS products, web platforms, and enterprise software.

Mobile Apps

Designing apps that are ready to go everywhere you go.

Web Applications

Capable and seamless applications designed specifically to solve problems.


Build intuitive, user-centric SaaS & B2B products that grow your business.

Product Performance and Usability Analysis
UX research and test consultation
  • you have a prototype or wireframes of the product
  • you-get validate ideas, test the solutions and get a feedback
UX audits
  • you have a prototype or wireframes of the product
  • you-get validate ideas, test the solutions and get a feedback
user interface design
web & mobile design
visual branding

Our Proven UI / UX Process

Driven by excellence, our pursuit for paramount design performance has led us to hone our processes over time. We deliver intuitive interfaces that not only look polished and snappy, but also delivers results.


Listen to stakeholders

Understand business objectives

Functional requirements

Technology constraints

User Research


Ethnographic Research

Interviews & Observations

Task Analysis & User Stories

Analysis & Discovery

Metrices & Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Ideation & strategy



Concept Sketching

System/Process Flow

Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Mockup & Prototypes

Brand identity integration

High-fidelity mockups

Interactive prototypes

Finalize & Code

Finalize UX Deliverables

Suggestions/next steps

Code front-end interaction

User Testing & Observation









Pre-built Design System to

Ensure Consistency at Scale

Great design systems are so much more than a rich library of reusable components. They require guidelines and standards, best practices, and the dos and don’ts of how everything fits together –clearly defined in the system. This is what makes them whole and scale your brand effectively.

At AppSierra, our pre-built design system is a comprehensive offering that includes everything you need to ensure consistent output. Our system serves as a solid foundation that is easily customizable to ensure a unique design system for each of our clients without having to start from the scratch every time.

The average time to match you with talent is under 24 hours.

98% of new engagements pass the no- risk trial period.

Every applicant to the network is rigorously tested and vetted. Fewer than 3% make the cut