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Tug Of War Between The Android’s Two Most Talked Versions – Android P 9.0 v/s Android O 8.0

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All of us love confectioneries. And, in today’s war over Android P 9.0 v/s Android O 8.0, it’s important to control your cravings. Because the names of the Android versions from 2008 (the year of first-ever Android version release) are just for the sake of teasing you. For example, to date, Android’s many versions exist. Starting from the oldest Android 1.0 with no name as of now to the latest Android 10 with the same name. 

Except for these two, every other version boasts a name based on desserts. Like Oreo, Pie, KitKat, Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, Donut, Cupcake, etc. But let’s focus on their features rather than on their name convention. 

And for this purpose, today’s blog is all about their comparison, i.e. it’s about Android P 9.0 v/s Android O 8.0. Here, ‘P’ and ‘O’ are acronyms for Pie and Oreo respectively. 

So, let’s dive deeper into each of these and decide which is the BEST.

Physical Appearance and Aesthetics:

In the case of Android 8, the soft and curved edges of the interface were absent. While its successor, Android 9 comes with vibrant, curvy, and soft edges, which are both, appealing and unique. 

For instance, consider the settings menu of both. In Android 9, the icons are colorful rather than just simple symbols, like in the case of Android 8. In addition to this, the drop-down icons of Android 9 possess rounded edges while in Android 8, icons were like a plain sheet. 

So, in the race of a better physical appearance and aesthetics, Android 9 is the clear-cut winner.

Smart Features:

Smartphones aren’t smartphones if they aren’t smart. Right? But the operating system also plays an important role in making the smartphone smart. That’s all due to its smart features. 

For example, in Android 9, there is a wellness feature known as the Dashboard. This dashboard displays the total time for which you remain over a particular application as well as over the smartphone as a whole. This is displayed graphically using pie charts. This information shows when you need a break from your smartphone. 

This feature was absent on Android 8. Apart from this, Android 9 also provides information regarding how many times you unlocked your device and also displays every notification.

So, in terms of the availability of smart wellness features, Android 9 again edges ahead of the Android 8. 

Usage Limits:

This is another smart feature available in the Android 9 update. What this feature does is that it controls how much time you spend over an application. This feature allows you to set a time limit upon each app, within which you can use that application. 

Once the limit is reached, a notification appears notifying you that the time limit/usage limit is over and it’s time for a break. This feature again wasn’t available on Android 8. 

So, thanks to this feature, now you won’t keep using an application all day long. 

So, Android 9 goes past Android 8 in this feature too.

Night Mode:

Android 9 took its digital wellness feature to the next level with this advanced night mode feature. In this feature, you possess the freedom to pre-set a particular sleep time. So, for that period, your phone will sleep too, along with you. That is, the phone will automatically move into the DND mode and the screen will turn to grayscale.

In the case of Android 8, a similar feature was present but with different functionality. 

In Android 8’s night mode, only the orange and red hues remain while the blue color gets taken off. So, due to this, using a smartphone running on Android 8 got relaxing and soothing.

Hence, in this feature too, Android 9 is somewhat one or two-bit ahead of Android 8.

Battery Management:

Isn’t this the first thing you consider before making the payment for any smartphone? What is the battery capacity, how long it lasts, etc. 

So, let me tell you that the capacity of the battery is a secondary thing. The primary thing that justifies the battery life of your smartphone is the operating system on which your phone is currently running. 

The latest Android 9 update promises better battery management and its longevity. 

So, here, the discussion ends with Android P 9.0 leading the chart with a win in almost every parameter talked of above.

 So, Android 9 comes with various features that make it superior to its predecessor Android O 8.0. 

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