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The 5 Stunning Mobile App Ideas to Kick-start your Business.

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In the current scenario, there is a mobile application (also called a mobile app) for almost everything. Right from grocery shopping to meditation, one can rely on these apps to get what they want. Almost all the significant information sharing or social media websites have come up with their mobile apps, looking at their lucrative business prospects. There is a very good chance that you could be reading this information on a mobile app! So we thought to bring a stunning mobile app ideas, to kick start a business for you.

 The Era of Mobile Apps: Statistically Speaking

Here are some interesting and encouraging statistics that show the increasing trend of app usage amongst mobile phone and tablet users:

  • We expect mobile apps to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020 (A report by
  • India is leading the way for app download growth, followed by US and Brazil (A report by Business Insider
  • Conversion rates from mobile apps are three times higher than mobile sites (Marketing Land).

Well, these stats are enough to compel strategists to invest in mobile app development, right? But it is crucial to note that as the mobile app market is growing, so is the competition. There are countless startups and just as many big firms that are pouring revenue into the think-tank to come up with interesting mobile ideas. So how do you venture into the world of developing a mobile app to kick-start your business and generate revenue? Read on to know more.

Mobile App Ideas that Will Click with Your Audience

Before you set out to develop a mobile app, it is essential to decide your target audience and the domain. You could venture into the domain of e-commerce, education, healthcare, beauty, or banking. The possibilities are endless. Here are five unique mobile app ideas that can turn out to be a game-changer for your business in 2020:

Carpooling Apps:

Commute and traffic have become significant concerns about not just metropolitan cities, but in tier-II cities. People are wary of driving to work as they do not want to get stuck in roadblocks for long hours.

Increasing fuel prices are also putting pressure on daily commuters. To solve these issues cumulatively, pooling a vehicle seems like a workable and convenient option.

So an app that helps commuters let me know about the availability of carpooling options nearby can be of great use.

Here, people going on the same route can get the option of contacting each other to pool a vehicle. There are some apps already available on Play Store for this purpose, but there is still a massive scope of newer, faster, and more flexible options. 

Augmented Reality (AR)-based Apps:

Mobile apps have been in such vogue because of the user experience (UX) that they can provide. That is why most people prefer using mobile applications rather than their website counterparts. AR is a technology that enhances user experience by delivering acoustic and visible interactive elements. Interior Designers, Civil Engineers, Medical Professionals, Architects, and Educational Experts can use mobile apps that are integrated with AR. 

There are more mobile app ideas lets know about this,

Customizable Fitness and Health Apps:

Yes, we know that the market is abuzz with health and fitness apps business. However, the scope for growth in this domain is still immense. The target audience here ranges from teens to people in their late 60s. People are looking to replace fitness trainers with these apps, and thus, the more customizable options you can provide through your health and fitness apps, the more audience you will tap. This could include dieting and workout programs based on a person’s complete medical history, real-time calorie counting, diet suggestions, and even chatting options with fitness experts.

On-demand Household Services Apps:

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody wants essential services at their fingertips. Therefore, apps like UrbanClap have clicked so well with the urban audience. However, there is space for more such apps that can provide on-demand services like house cleaning, plumbing, electrical help, and other repairing services. One can also develop these apps for tier-II cities, as it is a reasonably untouched market as of now.

Travel Apps:

To make travel easier, one can develop an all-encompassing app that could take care of everything- from ticket bookings to hotel stays and even city tours. A one-stop solution for all the travel needs could find a broad audience and help promote your app. 

In Conclusion: that Clicks Will Generate the Most Revenue

As with any technology, mobile apps are also successful when they are innovative and offer solutions in manners never thought of. It is also essential for the app to be user friendly and highly flexible. 

So Please let us how you feel about the our blog on mobile app ideas.

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