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Do you know about TensorFlow? Well, let me tell you. From virtual assistants to self-driving vehicles, tech organizations are in a race to release their products. And upgrade the user experience by investigating the abilities of Artificial Intelligence. According to an Indeed report, a machine learning engineer tops the list of the best jobs of 2019. Machine learning algorithms, empowers machines to learn. And this helps in integrating intelligence without direction. Basically, TensorFlow is an open-source library utilized for building machine learning models.

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TensorFlow for beginners 

“TensorFlow Introduction by Tim Spann”. Generally, this Refcard will assist you in seeing how TensorFlow functions? And, how to install it? Also, how to begin with top-to-bottom models?

“TensorFlow Introduction by Mokhtar Ebrahim”. It is a library that’s created by Google for tackling complex scientific issues.

“TensorFlow in a Nutshell by Sathiyakugan Balakrishnan”. Now, we should investigate TensorFlow and investigate charts and the advantages of utilizing them.

“Different uses of TensorFlow by Rinu Gour”. Basically, it is an investigation of the different employments of the open-source AI structure, TensorFlow.

5 TensorFlow and ML Courses for Programmers by Javin Paul. Thus, this article takes a look at five TensorFlow and machine learning courses for developers. For example, a total manual for TensorFlow for profound learning with Python.

What is TensorFlow, and what is new in it? By Shailna Patidar. So, this article gives data on TensorFlow. For example, what is it, the place utilized, its highlights? And it gives an instructional exercise on the most proficient method to use it in your tasks.

Learn TensorFlow: Vectors by Ngoc Minh Tran. Now, perceive how procedures on vectors can be executed. By utilizing the capacities from the TensorFlow library.

5 TensorFlow and ML Courses for Programmers by Javin Paul. About probably the best online courses. To learn TensorFlow and machine learning for developers.

TensorFlow tutorials for beginners

Beginning With TensorFlow: A brief introduction by Akshansh Jain. Besides, get a fundamental thought of what TensorFlow is? And find out about flow diagrams info? Also, understand what a tensor is? And figure out how to begin with, TensorFlow?

Beginning With TensorFlow Using Java/JavaScript by Vinod Pahuja. Now, figure out how to make a fundamental linear relapse model prepared with a mean square error. And, inclination drop in TensorFlow using Java and JavaScript.

Beginning With TensorFlow: Writing Your First Program by Akshansh Jain. Let’s figure out how to execute an exceptionally essential program in TensorFlow. Also, it’s using Python by building and running a computational diagram.

TensorFlow 2.0 

TensorFlow 2.0: Dynamic, Readable, and Highly Extended by Kevin Vu. Right now, a glance at TensorFlow 2.0 and investigate significant changes and important ventures.

TensorFlow 2.0 — What You Need to know by Akif Kamal. Basically, it is a conversation about what changed with TensorFlow 2.0. And why is it important to devs?

TensorFlow and… 

TensorFlow.js and Custom Classifiers by Laurence Moroney. Now, out a model and convert it to TensorFlow.js utilizing the TensorFlowjs libraries in Python.

Instructions to Train TensorFlow Models Using GPUS by Kseniya Savitsina. GPUS can quicken the preparation of machine learning models. The arrangement of a GPU-empowered AWS occasion to prepare a neural system in TensorFlow.

Move Learning: So, how to classify images using TensorFlow machine learning by Francesco Azzola. Hence, this article discloses how to use transfer learning. To characterize pictures using the TensorFlow machine learning platform.

Learn TensorFlow: Well, linear Regression by Ngoc Minh Tran. A prologue to direct relapse and perceive how to use TensorFlow.

TensorFlow for Deep Learning (Part 1) by Shubham Dangare. Thus, this article shows us progressively TensorFlow for profound learning.

Applying ML to IoT With Android Things and TensorFlow by Francesco Azzola. Now, figure out how to merge android items? And, TensorFlow to carry AI and ML to IoT tasks.

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