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Talk Nerdy To Me: 27 Top-Ranked Geek Pickup Lines For 2020

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Do you know who is a nerd and a geek? Are you looking for some cool geek pickup lines? If yes, then you need to read further! A nerd is one who lacks social skills and is boringly studious. Whereas a geek is one who possesses a strong desire for anything of his/her interest. 

For example, a technical geek, gaming geek, etc. And a natural truth is that every one of us is either a nerd or a geek. No one can ignore this fact. 

Nowadays, tech terminology is common in day to day conversation. For instance, why would I need Google? You are everything I am searching for! This pickup line includes tech-related terminology. So, this is a popular geek pickup line. 

If you are searching for some cooler tech-based pickup lines, you are at the correct page. Following is the list of some popular geeky pickup lines. 

So, without further ado, start exploring each.

Top-ranked geek pickup lines:

  1. You add meaning to my life. Are you a dictionary?
  2. You can unzip the files of my life.
  3. Why not to date online? You can receive a virus.
  4. Your dress looks awesome when you accelerate at a quick pace.
  5. Do you admire computers? Because I am downloadable and user-friendly.
  6.  You are as hot as my Intel microprocessor.
  7. I love you like the way I like my PS4 play station.
  8. Do you want to add one more bone in your body?
  9. I am hoping that you wouldn’t block my pop-up.
  10. You are the piece that completes my puzzle.
  11. Is that an iMac in your pocket? Or you are happy seeing me?
  12. You look like an angel? Are you using a filter?
  13. I have the ability of converting a software into hardware.
  14. You are the princess of my fairy tale.
  15. Since meeting you, I haven’t recited past the alphabet u.
  16. Is there a magnet inside your body as I am getting attracted towards it.
  17. My current girlfriend is equal to the square root of -1. She doesn’t exist!
  18. You are the queen that completes my chessboard.
  19. If you were a sheep, I would have cloned you.
  20. The force of attraction between us will give rise to the fifth fundamental force of attraction.
  21. I don’t need Google. I found everything I was searching for in you only.
  22. You auto-complete me.
  23. Do you like Word games, as I do?
  24. You are hotter than a data centre.
  25. Your presence is like a Wi-Fi connection. I get automatically connected to it.
  26. You don’t need software.
  27. Are you sitting on the F5 key as your ass is refreshing.

So, these are the most effective pick-up lines you must try at least once in your life.

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