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Rap Tycoon ‘Akon’ has initiated the Construction of Akon City in Senegal

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Noughties’ legend of rap ‘Akon’ has made some amazing progress. Since his days beating diagrams with any likes of ‘Lonely’ and ‘Smack that’. 

The American-born star turned into a business magnate and philanthrope. He’s putting his ideas on Senegal where his family hails from. Also, where he spent a noteworthy bit of his youth. 

Since his achievement, Akon was active in less unmistakable jobs in the business. Likewise, he has set different record labels like Akonic, Akonda, Konvict Muzik, and Jamakon. 

The wit expert likewise established his very own crypto currency “Akoin”. So, it is accessible in each of the 54 African countries. Also, in philanthropic work. 

Furthermore, as one of its most renowned kid, he’s set to manufacture his very own city. 

Thus,Akon disclosed to the presenter and US DJ, Nick Cannon. He said, ‘We know the business region as “Akon City“. 


Moreover, building an advanced city has been evaluated to cost approx $2 billion (£1.5 billion, €1.8 billion). Inciting Cannon to inquire about whether Akon was a tycoon amid the Power 106 meeting. But, Akon complete name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Badara Akon Thiam. It seems to evade the question. 

Akon City is ready to house Senegal’s new stock trade and turn into a monetary center. And also for upscale excitement, shopping and private destinations. 

Hence, the city will happen to Senegal’s initial Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design known as LEED. So, this ensured urban areas, expecting to rival maintain projects to the world. By using vivid materials that secure the regular habitat.

Well, the vocalist who has recently said he would think about running for United States President.”It’s Akon City” everything sustainable, the Akon’s sun-powered city. A genuine physical spot, it will have a real air terminal.” 

“It’s Around a 10-year building block. So, we are doing it in phases. We began development in March and phase two will be in 2025,” Akon proceeded. 


The city in Senegal implied it would take a tycoon to manufacture a whole city, Akon condemned the term. Also, the artist who additionally possesses two record labels. He got that overrunning his philanthropy Akon Lighting Africa. He’s stated, “I felt in case you need to mark yourself a very rich person. Additionally, I don’t trust the rich people even name themselves tycoons. You know, you have no clue. Yet, the insane part is when I hear stuff like it makes me miserable.” 

Then, structures with rooftops and exteriors developed to fuse modernism in renewable energy. While, green rooftops will cut the loss of energy. Also, It expands on Akon’s mastery in lighting, next to the achievement of his Akon Lighting Africa venture. This professes to have carried lighting controlled by sun-powered energy. And also solar energy to approx 600 million individuals in Africa. 

Thus, subtleties on the rapper’s precise association with the build stay scanty. Yet, this accounted for that the city will furnish to manage transactions in the Akoin crypto-currency. 

Development work with the Senegal city kicked things off recently. Well, along with the designers planning for it to bring Senegal to the forefront of African financial. And the political setting, giving simple access to United Nations workplaces 5km away. Also, it connects to another air terminal. 


The under-development Diamniadio Lake City is building motivation. Right from conventional Senegalese work of art and nature in its designs. As per its site, figures of females and the nation’s national tree-shaped piece of the motivation. So, this is for the liquid structure plans and unmistakable absence of straight lines and edges. 

It will likewise be available, with a lot of pedestrians getting to offer by a system of pathways. It leads to the focal promenade. Also, it will open onto the focal square of each area and connect the blocks. And various zones together and encompasses the regular lake.

City organizers are additionally deciding to hide cars. Along with a lot of underground parking in an offer. Also, this helps to emphasize the walker-friendly pledges of the city.

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