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Most sought after skills in software developers in 2020

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Software Development is the most sought after career option for every programmer. But, the search for a decent one sometimes takes too much time. So, if you will pursue a grand career in software development, it is important to update your skill set. 

To do so in 2020, just go through this exclusive blog on the most sought after skills in software developers in 2020. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Good knowledge of a popular programming language 

Software development is nothing without a decent knowledge of one or more programming languages. But there are tons of languages to learn. All these languages use different platforms and it is impossible to master all of them. 

So, for your help, below are some top-ranked and most sought after programming languages. 


This is one of the easiest programming languages. Python is worldwide put into use in applications like Web Development, Machine Learning, App Development, Data Science, etc. 


Too many, all three languages appear the same. But, that’s not so! C is the ancestor of C++ and C#. If you are familiar with C, then you won’t face any problem while learning the other two, i.e. C++ and C#. 

We use these languages for the development of system software because of their high processing speed and flexible nature. Most of the game uses C/C#/C++.


It is mainly put into use for game development, cross-platform software development, etc. Java is less flexible and equally complicated like C/C++/C#. 

But since it is easy to learn and implement, now it is the first choice for many applications.

Client-Server Architecture 

Nearly 75-80% of the software developments rely on the client-server model. And its poor designing leads to varied problems. 

So, a good understanding of client-server architecture is a must. We use client-server architecture for website development, app development, online games, cloud computing, etc.

System Engineering 

Just like software engineering is a broad course, likewise, System Engineering is also a broad course that is hardly taught. 

Without its proper implementation, no programmer can develop high-end and promising products/software. Some key points to consider in system engineering are:

  1. Market Analysis 
  2. Planning 
  3. Life cycle

Ignoring any of these can lead to a poor and ineffective product. 

Software Testing

There are over 10 kinds of software testing. But all 10 are not mandatory to master. Only the following three can do wonders for a software developer. These are:

Unit Testing

Here, we test every unit of the software like the module, class simultaneously. This leads to proper orientation and the working of the software. In many languages, there are separate frameworks for unit testing. 

For example, in Visual Studio, the unit testing frameworks are NUnit, Rhyno Mocks, etc. 

Integration Testing

It is just the opposite of Unit Testing. It is a complicated testing and thus is time-consuming. Here, the interaction between the various blocks of software is tested. 

System Testing

In this testing, it tests the entire product at the last stage. Hence, this is not time-consuming and easy to implement for small software.

Knowledge of Database 

A database is a group of files that stores a large amount of data generated because of the software. The designing of software is incomplete without the proper implementation of a basic database. 

Hence, the basic knowledge of databases is a must for a successful software development career.

Data Encryption/Cryptography

If a software developer deals with modern-technologies and cybersecurity, data encryption is a must-have skill for him. Today, we use two types of cryptography methods. 

These are Private Key and Public Key. 


Blockchain is a modern technology that ensures high-level of data security and personal information of the user. The main advantage of this technology is that the replication of the already completed events is not possible. 

It is next to impossible to betray this system. Hence, a decent understanding of this modern-age Blockchain technology is a must for future software developers.

So, with this, the blog ends and these 7 skills are only a handful of the many skills a software developer must possess. And for a high-paying software developer job in 2020, master every skill that comes your way. Doing so, you can edge ahead of the others in the queue.

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