9 Most Popular Mobile Apps Built With React-Native

First, the beginning of React Native innovation is very captivating. So, what began off as Facebook’s inside Hackathon project in 2013? Likewise, it is one of the inclining frameworks for Android and iOS application development. Thus, in March 2015, Facebook, in its F8 meeting, reported convenience of React Native on Github. Also, developers are capitalizing on current web practices on mobile phones.   

React Native has 1,408 benefactors. Also, they’ve committed 11,414 times in 63 branches with 203 discharges on Github. 

Additionally, it’s a 14th most featured repository on Github. Well, these statistics explain the acceptance and capability of React Native. Among the mobile application developers around the globe.   

Moreover, with the rising prominence of React Native, we could see various popular apps in the app store. Additionally, it is building on this technology. So, from new businesses to Fortune 500 organizations. Hence, React Native is the favored decision for mobile application development. 

Here, we’ve mentioned a list of some famous applications constructed using React Native.

React Native

1. Facebook Ads Manager 

So, Ads Manager is the first React Native and cross-platform app created by Facebook. And, the Javascript framework handles the distinction in ad formats, currencies, date, and time zones and so on. Although, it has a spotless interface, natural UX, and basic navigation. Additionally, it guarantees a stunning encounter with the users. Well, In case you notice, the transitions and animations are perfect.   

2. Bloomberg 

Now, Bloomberg’s application gives worldwide business and financial updates to users. So, before Bloomberg adopted React Native for the application development. Moreover, they needed to invest huge time in creating and upgrading the versions of the Android and iOS apps. Thus, by careful testing of the prototype made with React Native. Besides, the technology has adopted for the concurrent up-gradation of application for cross-platforms.   

3. Airbnb 

Next, a well-known application that created with React Native is AirBnB. According to a developer at Airbnb, there are 60 individuals working at React technology daily. With React, developing a reusable code is conceivable and is simple to refactor it.   

4. Gyroscope 

Afterword, Gyroscope incorporates alongside the HealthKit. And, also it empowers its users to see the whole story of your life. Hence, users can follow their means, pulse, exercises like productivity, meditation, and more. Thus, the whole data has shown in two basic perspectives: Easy and Cards mode. So, for all the followed data, a day by day/week by week/month-to-month report can have gotten. Additionally, it assists with defining the next stage in healthcare development.   

5. Myntra 

Well, Myntra epitomizes how a web-based shopping site on mobile resembles. Hence, from a great look and feel to the best user experience. Consequently, the application makes shopping on mobile very helpful. Furthermore, with the wonderful introduction of indexes, order placement, profiles. Also, React Native is offering an astounding UI and UX to the iOS and Android applications.   

6. UberEats 

In fact, that React Native covers a little piece of this application. Further, It includes a noteworthy experience for the users as far as UI/UX. In addition, the application is expected to have a dashboard for cafes with features. Like sound warnings, pop-up messages. Since their group has an involvement in React already. Developing the app using React turned out to be a savvy and fruitful service.   

7. Discord 

Now, Discord is a free chat and voice application for gamers. Also, It empowers chatting in the team, analyzing accessibility status, catching up on text discussions, etc. 

Likewise, their Android and iOS applications share 98% of the code. And, it is a stunning case of how React Native can support in cross-platform app development.   

8. Instagram 

Well, to moves a current application to another technology is a tough task. Since the Instagram application has got a simple UI. Additionally, the adoption of modern technology becomes simpler for them. Furthermore, the big impact that React Native brought to the application. Thus, it has simple maintenance for both Android and iOS platforms.   

9. Discovery VR 

Now, Discovery VR expedites the experience of an application through VR or 360 videos. So, the application additionally has restrictive content from shows. Like Deadliest Catch, SharkWeek and so on. Moreover, the UI of the application is written to React Native. And, also, it offers a consistent VR experience to the users.   

Do You Want to Create an App Using React Native? 

Finally, the above-shared model explains, the React Native has got the real potential for app development. So, with any idea, any scale, with content. In fact, if you have a robust app idea, you can contact the best React Native App Development Company.