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Mobile App Development Using The Powerful Combination Of Angular.js and Ionic

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Why everyone is going for the combination of Angular.js and Ionic? Are these the future of app development? Today, we are going to get answers to such type of queries. 

Today, mobile app development is emerging as the most sought after career. There are many ways of building an app. There are a variety of programming languages, frameworks, tools, etc. to develop an app. But, the ease of creating an app using Ionic and Angular.js is commendable. 

Angular.js is a useful JavaScript framework worth considering for mobile-friendly applications. Ionic is an open-source app development kit that helps the developers build hybrid apps with fewer efforts. It is developed over Angular.js. With the support of Angular.js, Ionic has become more powerful. Now, the developers need not write individual codes for different platforms. 

A single code in Ionic can run on various platforms. This not only saves precious time but only cut short development and maintenance cost of the app. Hence, all these prove why modern-day developers are going for the combination of Ionic and Angular.js for app development. 

Now, let me discuss some salient benefits of the winning combination of Angular.js and Ionic. 

A single code for different platforms 

Today, more than 2 million apps have been developed by over 4 million app developers. Ionic provides a complete optimized library of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tools and components. This helps in writing a single code for different platforms. 

Like a single code can develop apps for platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. This saves a lot of development time. And this time can be utilized for enhancing the code.

Ionic benefits and features:

With time, Ionic is gaining a lot of popularity among the developers for app development. This is because Ionic is right now the best framework for debugging and performance. Ionic possess highly responsive community support who works closely for enhancing the abilities of Ionic. 

For example, with the latest update of Ionic, now the app layout will depend on the platform. Also, there are certain guidelines in Ionic that guarantees perfect element display. 

Component creation using Ionic:

It goes without saying that splash screen is a must for hybrid apps. For creating an efficient splash screen, certain parameters need to be specified in detail. Some parameters are height, weight, thickness, host, platform, etc. Doing all this is a difficult job. 

So Ionic simplifies the job for you. Just create two files with any of the following extensions: .psd, .ai, .png inside the main directory. After this, state the required template and the job completes.

Angular + Ionic= A deadly combination:

Angular and Ionic is a deadly combination for hybrid app development. Via this combination, you can develop robust and feature-rich applications for different app stores. 

Some popular app stores include Play Store, iOS Store, Windows, etc.

Not only this, Ionic possess various extensions that increase the functionality of the app. The JavaScript portion of apps is built using Angular.js.

Other advantages of using the Angular.js and Ionic combination for app development are:

  1. Ionic contains some ready-made components app development with vibrant themes. 
  2. Ionic comes equipped with optimized JavaScript and CSS tools like Navigation, sliding menu, tabs, buttons, etc. These ensure that the app looks stylish and full of features.
  3. Ionic allows the developer to create, test, and deploy the app following a single command. This is all due to Ionic’s own CLI function. 
  4. Some amazing features like reloading and logging also enhance the experience. 
  5. Ionic is a UI library that enhances the Cordova project.
  6. Ionic is very much similar to web frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap. The only difference is that Ionic is only meant for mobile apps.

Hence, this was all about Angular.js and Ionic in the context of app development. Both these possess their own advantages and disadvantages. But today, the combination of these two is doing wonders for app developers across the globe. 

Recently, a study found that close to 60% of mobile app developers prefer Ionic and Angular.js for building, testing, and deploying apps. Hence, the future of app development is bright, thanks to these two.

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