21 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks For You In 2020

Mobile app development frameworks offer the best environment for your app development process. In the technology-dominated era, there are plenty of frameworks available on the web. 

In this article, we have listed the 21 best mobile app development frameworks in 2020. Each of them offers great features and support for your app development process.

They base the frameworks listed in some categories. These categories include recommended tools, analytic tools, cross-platform tools, AI & AR tools & more.

mobile app development framework

1.React Native

Its aim is to develop native applications over hybrid ones. You can code in React and JavaScript. It is not very customized for beginner level users. But the active community support will assist you quickly. With their latest release, they are now supporting Android as well. 


  • Many ready to go components for fast development 
  • You can copy the code base between iOS and Android.
  • Hot deployment with no need of a developer
  • Declarative style programming detects the bugs easily


Xamarin is one of the most popular and widely used app development frameworks. Many companies are enjoying the features of this framework. If you opt for Xamarin, you can be one of the 1.4 million developers globally. 

This works of principle, WORA, write once and run anytime. This framework is best for business app development, as it gives a native look. 


  • Backed by Microsoft for all its requirements
  • over 70% of code can be reusable between iOS and Android.
  • You need to write less code for your app development
  • Running tests is very easy
  • It offers platform-specific tools

3.Onsen UI

Onsen UI is an open source app development framework. You can use this without the Angular Js requirement. It has a good set of documentation, which explains all necessary things with examples. It offers all the features to developers, to get the app ready with the native look. 


  • Onsen UI is a very easy-to-use app development framework.
  • It is compatible with both Angular Js and jQuery
  • It is a free and open-source framework.
  • The tools include screen transition, smart theme roller, font awesome and more.

4. PhoneGap

Phone Gap is another open-source app development framework. This is one of the best cross-platform frameworks. You can develop apps based on web APIs. It joins with a cloud service named ‘Build’. with this, it can compile applications without any SDKs. 


  • People who worked with JavaScript, CSS and HTML 5 can adapt to it easily.
  • It is compatible with windows7, iOS, and Android
  • You can change the multi-platform focus to UI only. 

5. Ionic

Ionic is the most prominent framework and preferred by most of the developers. The CSS part of this framework helps in developing native apps. With the support of Angular JS, it can do wonders. Integrated emulators and Cordova based packages are the best tools for apps. 


  • Develop once and used many times across platforms
  • Along and Angular JS supports rich and robust apps
  • The CSS, JavaScript and HTML code is highly maintainable. 

6. Intel XDK

Intel XDK is a cross-platform app development framework. It includes many features to help developers build cross-platform apps. The services of XDK are web services, plugin support, interactive and responsive apps. These services will help the app to fit into any kind of device. It can help you in all kinds of tasks ranging from development to emulation and testing to debugging. You can use UAPs Windows 10, iOS and Android to build HTML5 apps. 


  • A one-stop destination for all features
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Offers live preview option with the connected device

7. Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator is the best tool to build hybrid apps. You can proceed after downloading the Titanium studio. The SDKs of titanium offers many tools to pace up the development process. The apps developed with Alloy can connect with other apps. It minimizes the development time and so the lines of code. 

The compiled code is the combination of JavaScript, and native improves the performance. 


  • Mixed development environment experience like Xamarin and PhoneGap.
  • The development of an app with Alloy helps in the reuse across cross-platforms. 

8. Mobile Angular UI

Bootstrap and Angular JS are used to build a mobile Angular UI. With this framework, you can get the best of Bootstrap 3 and also Angular JS. You can create beautiful HTML 5 apps with the help of these tools. 

With installing Angular JS directive, you are good to go now. 


  • Fastclick.js and overthrow.js helps to get the best experience
  • It is a free and open-sourced framework. 

9. Framework 7

We should say that it is the most independent framework. It doesn’t depend on React and Angular JS. With the help of dependency, you can develop native apps. Your knowledge of JavaScript, CSS,10 and HTML is enough for best app development. 


  • Most independent framework
  • Easy to use customization
  • Provided with many UI widgets to support development. 

10. Sencha Touch

It is an enterprise-level framework. You can build apps based on HTML 5 and JavaScript. For commercial app development, Sencha is the most preferred framework. 

With the help ExtJS, it creates high-performance applications. The best feature includes a drag-and-drop HTML builder, which allows easy development. It has plenty of ready-to-use templates to pace up the development process. 


  • It outclassed all its competitors with amazing features.
  • It is brilliant in producing enterprise-grade apps
  • Supports iOS, Android and Windows platforms
  • Drag and Drop HTML visual app builder

11. Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a hybrid app development framework. You can also call it an HTML 5 framework. It is a widely used cross-platform tool. It entirely depends on jQuery and over 70 plus jQuery widgets are there for your use. 

The advantage of kendo UI is, you can integrate it with bootstrap 3 and Angular JS easily.


  • Easy to learn the framework
  • Many developers are familiar with jQuery
  • integration with Bootstrap 3 and Angular JS

12. JQuery Mobile

JQuery mobile is also another hybrid mobile app development framework. Like other frameworks, it supports the native look of apps. jQuery mobile produces the most generic apps which perform on any platform. it maybe Symbian, windows, and blackberry. 

The BYOD (Bring your own device) enterprises can get most of this framework. It works on many operating systems. It is the best part of jQuery mobile.


  • Provides a stable environment
  • You can create your own themes with Theme roller
  • You can create responsive apps for all devices
  • works on HTML 5 and JavaScript
  • you can add collapse or drop-down menu

13. Mobincube

Mobincube is one of the best frameworks to build native apps for Android or iOS. It is easy to use, a customizable framework where you can build the best app that meets the needs. There are plenty of customized templates for all your needs and requirements. 

For developers, Mobincube also allows them to add their HTML code. They can increase the functionality with that. You will be happy if I say that it free for many projects. You don’t need any software installed on your PC to build. Just an internet connection and a good browser are all you need. 


  • Free to use and can add any number of projects
  • Provides hundreds of customized templates
  • It allows you to add your HTML/JavaScript to increase the functionality
  • Very responsive to all devices.

14. Flutter

Flutter is one of the best UI frameworks, where you can build good native apps for android and iOS. With this google product, you can reach a huge audience. 

Initially, the community was less, but it has gained good popularity in recent times. The free and open-source framework by Google is one of the best options for app development. 


  • Free and open-source framework by Google
  • Offers best UI support for apps
  • Supports Android and iOS

15. Corona SDK

It is a simple mobile app development framework, where you can develop games and apps for phones and desktops. The best part of Corona SDK is that a developer can create a project and can publish it on various platforms. These platforms may be an android, iOS, Amazon fire, etc. 


  • Simple app development framework
  • Suitable for platforms
  • You can easily develop games and apps for both mobile and desktop devices. 

16. X – Code

The trillion-dollar company(Apple) has extended this framework named X-code. It is specifically developed to address macOS with the help of some in-built tools. You can register yourself with this platform and can get preview releases by Apple sites. 


  • You can add many languages
  • It works best for fabricating apps
  • It is free of cost

17. DOJO

You may come across this name DOJO. This framework is very popular and recognized for lightweight app development. The features it includes supports the less sized apps. Dojo has the best UI components and also assists many languages. This combination helps you to design a better app.


  • Real fast execution
  • It has plenty of features and components
  • You can also change the theme look and style. 

18. RHO Mobile suite

It is an open-source, cross-platform framework for developing native apps for android and iOS. This framework will be very useful in building native UX apps for your enterprise. As this is an open-source framework, you can use it for free. 


  • Opensource, cross-platform app development framework. 
  • With this, you can build the best UX native apps
  • Very good features and functionality. 

19. KONY

Kony is a low-code mobile app development framework. i.e. with the help of less code you can build the best apps. This framework will be ideal for an enterprise in this rising demand for mobile apps. You can choose the drag-and-drop option to simply add the features and functionalities. 


  • It includes in-built applications
  • You can create native and cross-platform apps
  • The best back-end support
  • This framework is the best visualizer. 

20. Monocross

Monocross is one of the best mobile app development frameworks in the market. It is very useful in building apps for mobiles and tabs. This framework also supports cross-platform app development. Monocross supports languages like .NET, C# and mono framework. 


  • It gives access to native device APIs
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Cross-platform framework with many useful features

21. Firebase

It is considered one of the best mobile app development frameworks in recent times. like motocross, this framework also provides APIs for developers. It offers firebase clouds to sync with your data. This is a great feature that you can make use of. 


  • A plethora of useful services and features
  • Provides plenty of free to use services
  • Offers Firebase cloud to store data