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How To Integrate World's First AI Voice Recognition System With Third-Party Apps?

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Nowadays, voice recognition assistants are going great in both android and iOS. Be it Google’s voice assistant or Apple’s AI voice recognition system, Siri, both are going great with huge success. 

Day by day, voice assistants are finding their use in many applications, both system applications, and third-party applications. For instance, take Apple’s Siri (first ever AI voice recognition assistant). It was launched in 2011. 

At that time, its usage was limited to a few system apps like messaging, payment, and booking apps. With the introduction of SiriKit (a framework for iOS developers), Siri is now capable of integrating with third-party applications. 

But the thing to remember here is that you need to be on iOS 10 or above to enjoy the benefits of SiriKit. 

In recent times, more than 70% of iOS users have started using Siri for personal and professional uses. Be it whether payment of bills or setting an alarm, be it setting a business meeting reminder, or anything else, Siri is at your service. 

Therefore, with the increasing usage of Siri, it is now important to integrate it with third-party applications. So, in today’s blog, we are going to learn the same. 

So, let’s start.

How to integrate Siri with third-party applications?

In the following points, you are going to learn how you can integrate Siri with third-party applications.

Adding Intent Extensions

It goes without saying that on iOS, two apps can not interact with each other. To make this happen, the SiriKit got an amazing feature of extensions. Via these extensions, now two apps can interact and share data. 

There are particularly two types of extensions. These are:

Intent Extension:

This intent extension is how Siri interacts with the third-party application. Without this extension, Siri won’t work. 

Intent UI Extension:

Through this extension, the iOS developers create a custom view for the users.  

Editing Intents

So, now the extension is added. After the addition, Intent Extension’s info.plist is edited to guide the app which requests to follow first. 

Moreover, the developers can add some additional information regarding category, title, description, etc. All this information helps to recognize which intents are favorable by the app. 

Also, for the comfort of the user and better usability of Siri, the developer must specify some specific words. These specific words help Siri to understand what the user wants. 

Intent Implementation 

This is the step after which you can use Siri voice commands with iOS third-party apps. Also, it is worth to ensure that Siri is enabled ON in the app ID. 

If it is so, follow the following steps to implement the intents.

  1. Select the target intent extension.
  2. Run the extension.
  3. Choose Siri when the Xcode prompts the third-party app to run.

Now, you are good to go. Start your interaction with Siri and test everything. 

Now, with Siri integrated with the third-party apps, let’s discuss the pros and cons of SiriKit.

Pros of SiriKit:

  1. With the voice recognition market expected to hit $18.3 billion by 2023, SiriKit allows developers to catch with it.
  2. SiriKit enhances the overall performance of the app.
  3. Today, SiriKit is available for audio/video calling apps, payment apps, business apps, workout apps, etc.
  4. Siri verifies the user command before execution to avoid mishaps.

Cons of SiriKit:

  1. SiriKit is available for only iOS versions 10 or above.
  2. Due to word limitations, we can only add specific words in the SiriKit. 
  3. Siri may interpret user commands in the wrong way due to the accents of the user. This is likely to lead to mistakes.

What is the future of Siri?

With the help of Siri, Apple is going to match the expected market value of Voice Recognition Systems. But due to the word limitations of Siri Kit, not every word can be added to the Sirikit. 

So, the user can’t be specific with their commands while dealing with Siri. 

So, with this, the blog comes to an end. Also, we expect that Siri may soon work with other applications too in the future. So, till then, integrate Siri with apps of your choice and enjoy the magic of voice commands. 

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