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How to Calculate Total Addressable Market Size and Perform TAM Analysis

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Did you know? Most new startups grow from an extraordinary thought. Or what it may intrigue?

Thus, this is a simple query to pose. Because it assists with knowing how much development potential is not too far off for your startup. So, Total Addressable Market (TAM) is a magnificent measurement to see. When planning to check the growth potential of your startup.

What is the total addressable market (TAM)?

Hence, the total measure of money you may make we know selling what you are selling as the TAM. Additionally, it is called a total addressable market, or TAM for short. Thus, another perspective about it is the total measure of interest. So, it presents in the market for your product and service.

How to compute TAM?

Also, it might be tough to compute the TAM. Particularly, if a considerable lot of the rivals in the space. Additionally, they are secretly held and misty about marketing figures. Now, there are three choices for measuring TAM:

  • Top-down, it extrapolates the TAM size from industry research
  • Bottom-up, it accesses data from your organization’s early sales to measure the market.
  • Value theory, this calculates how your product’s worth will affect buyers’ conduct.

Now, we should dig into these three choices on the most proficient method to compute TAM.

Top-down TAM Investigation 

Generally, Top-down TAM computations are being founded on an existing work by market-research firms. For example, Gartner and Forrester. Yet, to make specific determinations about specific markets. 

Thus, the more extensive research these organizations have done regularly should be enhanced. Or refined by additional evaluations. For example, telephone or email overviews, finished by third-party advisors.

So, by using this system has different traps. Mainly because potential investors may not discover the numbers reliable. So, could the research and the overviews be dependable? When they might be founded on not so much straightforward organization data and self-revealed information?

Moreover, utilizing a “canned” TAM number likewise overlooks the way. And it is the presentation of certain products that can change the TAM by entering the market. 

Ride-sharing organizations, for instance, extended the TAM past the customary taxi market. Because non-taxi-consumers began looking for rides once they understood they could use an application. 

To go anyplace and abstain from disturbing spare change. Furthermore, Uber and Lyft expanded the TAM that made any figuring. Hence, they may have done about the total addressable taxi-riding market old.

Bottom-up TAM analysis

Likewise, the bottom-up TAM methodology will give you progressively exact numbers. To some degree by enabling you to incorporate any remarkable elements. For example, the development of the TAM because of your passageway into the market — from the very beginning.

Now, you can compute this number by extrapolating from your information on your present estimating and use. Also, take that number and apply it to the bigger client base of your objective market.

Besides, you can make sense of your objective market by researching the kind of clients you think will purchase your products. For instance, if you sell a B2B software arrangement that works best for medium-sized firms. 

Then you can figure out the quantity of those organizations in a suitable area. The number of representatives they have all things considered. And the quantity of the individuals who will probably access your software.

TAM = (Annual Contract Value) x (# of potential Accounts)

Now, let’s suppose your organization sold a custom representative service software. And it is reasonable for music production organizations with 100 to 500 workers at a level pace of $1,000 every year. 

So, if your yearly contract value (ACV) is $1,000. And you decide there are 5,000 potential records (total number of music production organizations with 100 to 500 representatives). Then, your TAM would be $5,000,000 ($1,000 x 5,000).

Doing this sort of TAM investigation constrains you to contemplate product-market fit. So, the TAM figure they base you on a strong feeling of who precisely makes up that market. 

Also, you can even separate your TAM into different industry portions or geographic territories. To show how you can move toward different parts of the market. To win yet much of the TAM as could reasonably be expected.

Value theory TAM analysis

Well, the value hypothesis technique for computing the TAM depends more on supposition and mystery. So, its decisions will be murkier, yet helpful. 

To figure TAM utilizing the value hypothesis. Now, estimate the value that your product gives to specific clients. And, whether you can adequately catch that value through estimating.

Finally, this computing technique is best to get the feeling of the TAM for new highlights or moves up to existing products. Or, when you are offering a novel product for sale to the public, that will successfully make its class. 

To utilize this method, it’s essential to ponder what clients discover significantly. And the amount they might be eager to pay for that value. 

Next, test what number of clients may find that measure of value in the product and pick it over other options.

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