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How much time does it take to Develop a Mobile App?

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How much time does it take to develop an app? Before this question gets answered, you should know some things about apps. Well, mobile applications are part of the modern lifestyle. A decent look at the stats shows the popularity of apps among smartphone users.

In the United States, only over 32% of users have installed 11-20 apps in their devices. It excludes this from built-in apps. Other 31% have 5-10 apps installed and the remaining 16% of people have installed 21-30 apps in their phones. 

There are plenty of apps available for users to get installed. In a recent report, it reveals that android users have 2.1 million and iOS users have 2 million apps to choose from. 

There is a large demand for apps in online stores. So app development time plays a significant part to get the app into the market. So the question arises

How much time does it take to develop an app?

Okay, the better answer should be 4-5 months. There is no specific or assumed answer to this question. There are several factors that affect the app development and designing process. This article is will explain various factors that affect the timeframe of app design. 

Because of many apps got success with the best or innovative idea and timeframe to market. It helps the app to move-fast in this competitive digital era. 

Factors affecting the timeframe of app development and design 

The Scope

Usually smaller apps take less time compared to larger ones. So it is important to determine the app. It should be in the initial stages of an app to avoid future changes. Analyzing the target audience gives the app. Analyze if any other apps are providing the same service and have a clear idea demand for the app content. 

Likewise, one should have a fair idea about other apps that offer the same content. One should have a clarity of what will be the Unique points on their app. 

Functions and Features

The time frame to develop an app depends upon the various functions and features it offers to the users. One should determine the market requirements and demand for the app content. The further step is to design an outline for the app operations. 

The representation of the User interface and interconnections between screens is important. The more functions and features an app includes the longer time it consumes. 

Usually, android apps take more time than iOS. Because there are many types of android devices in the market, the app should be compatible with many android devices. 

For a small app, the scoping and determining of features and functions will take 1-2 weeks. But a larger app can take up to 4-5 weeks to finish this process. 

Design and Development

This is the major and most important part of app development. The developers work together to design the best coordination between front-end and back-end. In this area, superior front-end backs the strong back-end.

Again, the question arises, how much time does it take to build an app? Right, again it depends upon the features and size of the app. On average, the designing of an app takes 2-3 weeks for smaller apps and up to 10 weeks for complex apps. 

Testing of an app

The first stages are scoping, features & functions and design and development. After this, the next process is testing the app. It is to ensure that the app is free from errors and bugs before getting into an online store. 

The Alpha testing will detect errors and rectifying them. However, this test is not enough to decide the app performance. The beta testing will find any malfunctions that active users may face. 

The testing process will take around 3 weeks to analyze app performance in real-time usage. 


As explained above, the app development timeframe depends on various factors. The processes like scoping, design & development and the testing process will take time. It will take 2-2.5 months to develop and test smaller apps. 

But with complex apps that include more features, and functions will take around 4 months. This article shows the time division for an entire app development process.

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