Why Engineers Are Narrow-Minded Nowadays? A Research Has An Idea!

Engineering is not an easy career to pursue these days. According to a study conducted, engineering is the toughest course around the world. Those who choose this as a career are not just students. 

They possess something extra than those who leave becoming an engineer. But nowadays many people think engineers are narrow-minded

This is true to some extent, but that extent is almost negligible. 

Analytical thinking is an asset to an engineer. But, sometimes it can lock the mind of an individual inside a box. 

It is a known fact that engineers possess important analytical skills. They lack creativity. 

engineers are narrow-minded

Academics blame the way it teaches engineers at a college. There are two types of thinking. One is convergent thinking and the second one is divergent thinking. An intelligent individual can make out the difference by looking at the terms only. 

For others, let me explain. 

In convergent thinking, you make a precise list of certain steps by which we can solve a problem. In this way, you get the desired answer. 

While in divergent thinking, you think out of the box and come closer to several solutions. These academics declare that divergent thinking is always ignored while doing engineering. Instead, more emphasis is made on convergent thinking, which is time-saving. 

Some researchers claim that engineering students are more comfortable at solving problems by using rules/formulas. 

Hence, these researchers are more tilted toward divergent thinking. And a solution they have discovered for increasing the thinking abilities of an engineer is “mindfulness”. 

Mindfulness is defined as paying attention with kindness, openness, and sheer curiosity. Hence, these researchers conducted a study on engineering students. They found that having an informed attitude contributes strongly to generating ideas with greater imagination. 

Therefore, today’s engineers need an open, kind, and curious attitude so as not to get fixed to one approach. This will also enable them to consider new approaches to solve a problem. 

Had mindful attitude been more prevalent in the earlier times, we wouldn’t have been enjoying Facebook, Instagram, etc.  

Openness, compassion, and interest possesses two things at their heart and those are thoughts and feelings of others. 

These are always missing by those who laid down the biggest tech companies.

Now, let me list down some misconceptions about engineers in today’s world.

Engineers think inside the box and not outside it:

Well, it’s somewhat true that engineers sometimes don’t believe in thinking out of the box. But this is the biggest misconception. An engineer too has a two-sided brain. One side thinks out of the box and other doesn’t. One side loves trying new things like others. 

In a study conducted, nearly 97% of the engineers believe in out of the box thinking. This helps them adapt themselves to the organization. 

Engineers know them all, so don’t bore them with facts:

According to a recent study, nearly 87% of the engineers love learning new things, which are not even about their work. In short, an engineer’s brain is equal to a sponge. 

A sponge that can absorb almost every information, if of use.

Engineers don’t connect on social media platforms:

This is another misconception about engineers. Almost every engineer is a tech-savvy. He/she can develop social media platforms. So, he/she can also connect on social media platforms. 

Hence, engineers to connect socially, but not in the way like others do.

Now, it’s a bit late and one can’t expect regulation to punish the harm done. Perhaps, then, we have to wait for the future generation, especially engineers, mindfully educated, to create new, more human solutions to our most common problems.