9 Major Challenges In Your Mobile App Development Strategy In 2020

As you know that most people use smartphones for almost all their needs. This demand encouraged businesses to boost their app development process.

If you are a mobile app developer, there will be some concerns to address. Since apps support laptops, mobiles, and tablets, the responsiveness and compatibility matters. Your strategy must be result-oriented and customized for all devices.

There are many challenges that even a leading company will face on its way. In this article, we have described the 9 major challenges that you may face off.

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Major Challenges in Your Mobile App Development

1. Expert and Experienced Team

You need an expert and experienced team to deal with these challenges. They should be capable of realizing your requirements to understand and perform the major operations like UX/UI design, database integration, security & more. Merely an expert team with advanced skills can serve your client’s needs.

In this spontaneously changing business scene, you must have a team of core members. It is very necessary to have those technical people by your side to fulfill the demand of an enterprise.

2. Technological Integration

There are many technologies quickly came to the limelight. It includes Machine learning, Augmented reality, IoT and Virtual reality and AI. The app developers must understand these advancements and adapt to that ASAP.

These recent sensations pose strong competition among developers. They(technologies) must be integrated with apps to stand out in the competition. Developers must know innovative technologies and they’re working and benefits.

The app development may ask for more advanced requirements one day, you should be able to face that. You can build the best apps using these technologies. So don’t miss out.

3. User Authentication and their access

User authentication is one of the biggest challenges in app development. Provide secure authentication for the users. Sometimes this may fail in major testing platforms and may cause a delay in some decisions. Ensure smooth access for the users.

Data storage and back-end sync play an important role in data flow when the app is working offline. These are the considerable options to provide a flawless experience.

 4. The Security of the App

In recent years, companies have been using the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept. Even though the concept looks good, it raises many security threats. Since we include many devices in the app development process, security breaches may occur.

You should look for security issues at the beginning itself. So you can avoid the later consequences.

5. API Strategy

As you know, API is the key element in the mobile app development process. It may be an iOS or an Android, but certain APIs are responsible for some functionalities in an app. The team of developers must analyze the need and prepare the proper API strategy.

You can change or change APIs according to your app needs. Have a proper strategy of what you need and why is healthy. But Content management is also a major concern in apps. Many apps are providing images, videos and offer downloadable materials. So obviously it will be a challenge to manage them.

6. Data Encryption

In recent years, apps are being used for major purposes. They contain corporate data. Much valuable information revolves in and around the app. Hence protecting that valuable information in the key challenge in app development.

Many big companies launched their apps for financial, medical, corporate and business purposes. This most valuable data should not fall into hackers’ hands. To do this, you need strong data encryption.

But integrating strong data protection in the app is a big challenge for developers.

7. UI Design

The user interface is the most important aspect of the app development process. Some studies revealed that 60% of the users abandoned the app after their first use due to a bad interface. A simple and appealing UI and UX design is the key to getting users going.

This part plays a major role in the app’s success. You can add some interesting features to create an outstanding UI design.

8. Compliance

There are two compliances – user-related compliance, and regulatory compliance. Privacy, data protection, etc are the things that fall under user-related compliances. GDPR is an example of regulatory compliance.

For example, if you are launching a healthcare app, it should undergo HIPAA compliance. So the developer team should look after the compliance aspect during development.

9. App Strategy

There are two ways of app development. One is for customers and another one is for businesses. Both of them look similar. But you need to develop different strategies for them. By considering the requirement you need to develop the best strategy.

The only way that you can develop the best app is by developing the best strategy.

Final words

Today’s business requirements are changing continuously. The threats are increasing. The competition is growing vigorously. To tackle all these aspects and develop the best mobile app, you may deal with some challenges.

In this article, we have discussed the challenges that occur while app development. Keep these things in mind and develop the overall best plan to deal with these challenges. If you are successful in overcoming these challenges, then you can create the best mobile app.