Manual & Automation Testing – Motor Vehicle Registration & Licensing System

The application was responsible for the administration of motor vehicle registrations, issuing motor vehicle and trailer titles, maintaining vehicle title, registration records, licenses, and monitors vehicle dealers.

The Challenge

Below are the major challenges faced by the QA Team:

Verifying the access of 8-10 different user roles on the site.

Use cases were very large and it takes a lot of QA efforts to execute a single use case with different user roles.

The Process

Performing thorough requirement study and analysing the required ambiguities.

Restructuring the requirements after discussion with the client.

Daily Scrum meeting with the client and the dev team.

Performing testing using the Use cases.

Following sprints created on SharePoint.

Creating release notes at the end of each sprint and sharing it with the stakeholders.

How AppSierra Helped

To begin with, we learned the system’s business logic and functions by reading the client’s use cases and examining their application.

The team at AppSierra provided testing support to our client so they could release their products with minimal defects.

Had daily calls with the client for the status updates and discussion around the use cases.

Our team developed a good understanding of TFS and Sharepoint being used by the customer.

Maintained all issues on TFS and assigned appropriate priorities

Used SharePoint for tracking the sprint wise deliveries.

Performed regression testing of the application using the use cases.

All sprints were successfully delivered on schedule and within the client’s budget.