Functional & Performance Testing – Kids Fitness Platform

The Client

A nationally recognized kids fitness company selling sports franchise in the USA.

They continuously strive to offer their franchisees online training videos and access to partnerships database.

The Challenge

The Client was dependent on multiple third-party applications for running his business. The purpose of the project is to build a platform that acts as an interface between Franchisees and the parents registering for the classes on behalf of their children. Using the platform, the user should be able to purchase their sports franchises, complete their online franchise training, schedule classes using the partnerships database, and send class invoices to the faculties. The parents can also sign up for an account, view the coach’s profile and the classes, as well as register for the classes.

The Client approached AppSierra after a negative experience with another web development partner. They were in the final stage of developing the web application but the client’s main concern was that application was not as per his expectations and there were conflicts in the requirement as well.

He needed a QA team that could quickly get well-versed with the application and find the loopholes. Our team was expected to understand the current business flow of the client on different third-party applications and suggest the client on how this can be integrated to make optimum use of the application. These third-party applications were the sole source for creating the test scripts.

The Process

1. Analysing the feasibility of the existing requirements.

2. Reframing the requirements after discussion with the client.

3. Creation of test scripts for Regression Testing and Acceptance Testing.

4. Regression testing using the test scripts.

5. Acceptance testing using the test scripts.

6. Migration of database from third-party applications to the new platform.

How AppSierra Helped

The AppSierra team provided support to the client for the reframing of the requirements and the testing support, so they could release their products with confidence.

We Followed The Below Process:

1. We had daily calls with the client to understand his expectations from the application.

2. We reframed the requirements based on the feasibility.

3. We organised regular weekly and daily meetings to track progress and review tasks.

4. We used JIRA for tracking issue and maintaining the sprint wise deliveries.

5. After which, we created the Test scripts in Test Rail based on the call discussions and the manual provided by the client.

6. We performed regression testing of the application using the test scripts.

7. After the final QA sign off acceptance testing was done, which involved the customers.

AppSierra’s detailed test scenarios validated our client’s application and its core functions. Intensive payment testing was also done to make sure that the different payment methods and gateways are working as per the client’s expectation. We resolved issues in the platform developed by the previous team, hence turning it into a more stable application.

The whole project was successfully delivered on schedule and within budget.