Big Data Use Cases: 40 Stats and Real-life Examples

Well, in today’s world where consultancies provide a weighty list of big data services. Thus, organizations still battle to comprehend what esteem big data brings. And what its most effective use would be. 

Basically, before focusing on big data activities, organizations tend to search for their rivals. And, also real-life models and assesses the achievement of their undertakings. Afterward, our data experts chose to spare a mile on the examination path. For those inspired by big data use.

Meanwhile, to feature how real these outcomes are over the business. Here, we have listed 40 instances of what organizations were doing. To get the profits by big data. 

Below, you will know the gathering of research and big data models. Hence, it shows results and helps for the next big data adoption.    

How Various Businesses Use Big Data   

Now, allude to the accompanying portions: little, mid-sized, big and very big associations. Ordinarily, this classification depends on the number of workers in a business or a foundation: 

  • Small associations (1-100 workers). 
  • Moderately sized associations (101-1,000 workers). 
  • Big associations (1,001-5,000 workers). 
  • Huge associations (over 5,000 workers). 

So, very big associations (over 5,000+ representatives) are the primary adopters of big data. Eventually, 70% of such organizations and institutions report that they as of now use big data.   

Simultaneously, among all association sections, huge associations (5,000+ workers) are generally keen. On using big data for the optimization of the data warehouse.   

Well, 43-45% of little, medium-sized and big associations (less than 5,000 workers) as of now use big data. Furthermore, every one section is open to future use. 

Basically, the top 3 big data use cases for medium-sized, big and huge associations (less than 5,000 workers). So, they are data warehouse optimization, prescient support, and client analytics.   

Hence, all the association sections, small associations (up to 100 workers). Moreover, they are generally keen on using big data for client analytics.   

How Various Enterprises Use Big Data 

So, three ventures are generally active in big data use. Thus, they are media communications, healthcare, and financial services. 

Broadcast Communications 

Basically, the top 3 use cases for telecoms are client getting (93%), organize optimization (85%), and client maintenance (81%). 

Although, the telecommunications business is the right pioneer as far as big data reception. Thus, 87% of telecom organizations now profit from big data. Similarly, while staying 13% state that they may use big data later on. 

Likewise, telecoms intend to improve their arrangement of big data use cases. Hence. with location-based gadget analysis (46%) and income affirmation (45%). Indeed, the optimization of costs, call centers, and the network is likewise among the needs.   


Certainly, around 60% of healthcare associations as of now use big data. And, about all the staying ones are available to embrace big data activities later on.   

Specifically, customized treatment (98%), tolerant admission expectation (92%) and practice management and optimization (92%). They are the most well known big data use cases among healthcare associations.   

Hence, healthcare associations intend to additionally extend their existing big data use. So that, with patient division (31%) and clinical research optimization (25%).   

Big data use cases in healthcare

Financial Services 

Now, 76% of the financial services industries are now big data users. 

Therefore, financial services use big data for client analytics to customize their offers (93%). And, for risk evaluation (89%), fraud detection (86%) and security risk detection (86%).   

Thus, the top 3 more use cases that financial services businesses intended to include 2017-2018. As a result, they were location-based security examination (66%), algorithmic trading (57%), and influenced investigation (37%).   

In 2017, the top zone of those financial services businesses was investing in prescient analytics (38%). But, in 2018’s list of needs, it tumbled to the next spot (with 29%), offering a way to another pioneer – AI and ML.   


Of course, in education, the pace of big data adoption so far is the most reduced–around 25%. Straight ahead, when contrasted to telecommunications (87%), financial (76%), healthcare (60%) and technology businesses (60%). But, 67% of respondents don’t prevent big data as a future plausibility.   


Therefore, Insurers expect big data will help in estimating, guaranteeing and risk determination. Thus, around (92%), management choices (84%), loss control and claim management (76%).   

Hadoop Use Cases 

Generally, runtime condition for cutting edge analytics, memory for crude or point by point data. And, data arrangement and coordination are the top 3 use cases for Hadoop. 

So, client intelligence drives the rundown of Hadoop projects. 

Subsequently, while 39% of associations use Hadoop as a data lake. Moreover, the prevalence of this use case will fall by 2% over the coming three years. 

Spark Use Cases 

In the meantime, the top 3 Spark-based projects are the same old thing/client intelligence (68%). So, data warehousing (52%), and real-time or spilling arrangements (45%). 

Well, 55% of associations use Spark for data training, engineering, and ETL tasks. 

33% of organizations use Spark in their AI activities. 

What Esteem Big Data Brings 

Now, associations esteem overseeing data in real-time (70%). And also getting to applicable data in a quick way (68%) most. 

Also, the biggest worth that big data brings has diminished costs (49.2%). And, recently made ways for development (44.3%).   

So, 48.4% of associations survey their outcomes from big data very fruitful. 

Besides, while 69.4% of associations began using big data. To set up a data-driven culture, around 27.9% report victories. 

Additionally, 84% of ventures put resources into cutting-edge analytics. To help improve business basic leadership. 

Thus, advanced analytics (36%), improved client care (23%) and diminished costs (13%). Also, they are the top 3 needs for putting into big data and AI. 

The Historical Backdrop of Big Data Use in Numbers 

Concurrently, big data selection is developing in a constant way. Likewise, the quantity of organizations using big data has expanded from only 17% in 2015 to 53% in 2017. In 2018, 97.2% of organizations showed that they invested in big data and AI. 

In 2015-2017, organizations named data warehouse optimization as #1 big data use cases. Simultaneously, while in 2018 the center moved to modern analytics. 

Now, prescient maintenance has shown up on organizations’ radars in 2017. And it has got to the top 3 big data use cases.   

Inside 2015-2017, deals and marketing (in each industry) were where data. Analytics brought noteworthy or central changes.