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Best Guidelines For Mobile App Quality Assurance

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We have a mobile application on the app store for everything that you can think about. Whether you need an app for checking your health or running an A.C, we have it all.

There are over 6.7 million smartphone apps available on the iOS and Android app stores. But still, there are a lot of space for new ideas and more chances.

Whenever you launch a mobile app and expect it to be successful in a cutthroat marketplace. You must ensure 2 important things:

  1. The quality of services offered by your app
  2. The security of the app

You just can’t afford to miss out on any of these. Otherwise, you’d waste both your precious time and your valuable money.

A study has proven that “The biggest reason people delete apps is crashes or system errors. The total number of people who uninstalled, for this reason, amounted to around“62%” in 2018.

If you want to make your phone application free of bugs and crashes. You can seek help from a leading testing service provider agency in India.

Pre – launch android or iOS app quality assurance is most important to prevent any negative UX.

This blog, will help us into bringing limelight in 4 quality issues that go unnoticed while app development process.

4 Of the Most Common Mobile App Quality Issues

1. Functional Issues

Functional issues deal with recognising the user’s journey and navigation flow of an application. The app must provide a functional user interface that fulfils all the functional demands.

The vital areas of testing functional issues involve:

  • While installing the process of the app.
  • Sign up and login process.
  • Device-specific functions including the camera, sensors, screen direction, and input methods.
  • Error message generation.

2. Usability Issues

This phase tries to understand how simple it is to use the app interface. The interface functions must be crystal clear and not create any confusion of any kind.

There shouldn’t be any loopholes in accessing any of the functions offered by the application.

3. Performance Issues

Performance issues cover nearly 30% of the complaints on the Appstore and play store.

So, it’s always rational to remain aware of the maximum user limit for performance of the app. That will help you know that at what time it will recover.

4. Security Issues

A functional yet insecure app can cause severe effects. We should always test the app on the grounds:

  • Classified: Check whether the specific encryption methods are used to protect private data or not.
  • Authentic: Is the app checking a user suitably before providing data access?
  • Access: Is the app asking for access to the required services on your device?
  • Storage: Is the data locally maintained on the device properly encrypted?
  • Web Services: Is the app interacting with web services using secure protocols?

You must have heard it repeatedly that security bugs differ from common bugs. To locate security bugs, testers need to think differently.

3 Most Useful Quality Assurance Tips from Our Experts

1. Using Multiple Testing Approach Is Always The Right Thing to Do

Confirm mobile app quality by performing an array of tests including:

  1. Cross – Platform Testing
  2. Functional Testing
  3. Accessible Testing
  4. Performance Testing
  5. Security Testing

2. Testing on Different Devices

While Emulators can help you in searching for screen size specific issues.

Churn out a list of at least the best 5 mobile phones put to use by your target audience.

So testing the app on those devices to check the app performs uniform in all the devices.

3. Keeping Track Of The Resource Usage

Always check out the resource usage of the app before publishing it to the end-users. A battery or RAM hungry app turns out to be a huge danger, and most users remove these apps.

To verify, run the app with the device at 100% battery, after which use it every day for 3-4 hours.

Also, analyze the performance of other apps while running your application in the background.

This will provide you with the details of the average battery drain per hour.


Quality is never an accident;It is always the result of rational effort. One must rely on both manual and automation testing methods to develop a bug-free app.

We have not discussed every bit and the piece of the software testing process in this blog.

We’ll discuss a lot more in the upcoming blogs until then you can seek help from AppSierra.

A leading provider of the best quality assurance services in India.

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