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ASP.NET vs PHP: Understand The Basic Differences Between The frameworks

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The most popular question on this matter is the difference between ASP.NET and PHP. Well, Both are popular names in web development. There are a plethora of developers making use of these languages. So it became difficult for new developers to choose either of them. 

PHP is a general scripting language, which is using to a great extent. On the other side, ASP.NET is backing by big-name Microsoft. 

You may come across various blogs briefing the differences between both languages. 

In this article, we understand the differences by breaking down the terms to keep it simple. 

About PHP –

  • PHP refers to an acronym Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open-source programing language used for web development. You can also embed this language into HTML. The PHP framework is good for beginners as it supports simple coding methods. 
  • PHP is also a professional language, because of its advanced features. 
  • Many businesses using PHP framework for their work need.

 Advantages & Disadvantages of PHP


The main advantage of PHP is its rapid development. The IT market requires fast development of products. With PHP the developers can work on over one product. The mobile app development companies use PHP the most for this benefit. 

The PHP framework is not only fast but also secure. It is also used to enhance the security of the app. PHP is very easy to maintain a language or framework. There is a huge community of PHP developers for you to get help from them. 


Even though PHP offers a lot of benefits, fast and secure app development, it has some cons in it. The slower execution, inability to solve specific problems and long learning time. These are some disadvantages of PHP irrespective of its benefits. 


ASP.NET is a server-side web application framework. It is a Microsoft product, which helps in building dynamic web apps, sites, and services. 

ASP.NET framework supports, .NET, Python, C, JavaScript. This framework is compatible with the older version ASP.NET MVC.

ASP.NET is quite a recent technology. It is successful in gaining popularity; it has a good developer community.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ASP.NET


The main advantage is that you can add and remove features when needed. This cross-platform framework is compatible with other .NET frameworks. 

Microsoft has claimed, that ASP.NET will be a popular framework like Ruby and Node.js 


Some hurdles are delaying the ASP.NET’s success and popularity. This framework is facing problems with making changes.

There are things like documentation gaps, lack of supporting tools and basic features. These things are the major cons of ASP.NET. But developers can solve these cons with external methods and tools.

Some hurdles are delaying the ASP.NET’s success and popularity. This framework is facing problems for making changes.

The below chart gives the major differences between ASP.NET and PHP

TypeWeb application framework, created by MicrosoftGeneral Scripting language, created by Rasmus Lerdorf
SupportLarge to medium sized enterprisesSmall to medium sized enterprises. 
CostCost attached licence Freely available 
SolutionsFocussed on security and functionalitiesFocussed on client facing, user interface
Community  Dedicated community with less developersHuge community with lakhs of developers
SecurityHighly securedLess compared to .NET
SpeedDecent speed, fast enough for desktop applicationsSlower for desktop applications

In this area, we can discuss some difference between ASP.NET and PHP.


The performance of a framework depends on the written code efficiency. It has no deal with the language used. 

 The performance of ASP.NET is good compared to PHP. The PHP developers will not accept this statement. Because some great sites have used PHP as their language. 

But, ASP.NET allows parallel programming where you can execute many codes.

 Market Share

The major difference between ASP.NET and PHP is the market share based on user popularity. PHP got more usage popularity than ASP.NET. The sites which used PHP get listed in the top 10k, 100k and 1M sites. 

On the other side, ASP.NET doesn’t have any titles yet to compete with PHP. 


In security-wise, ASP.NET provides more security than PHP. It has the built-in protection like SQL injection. Which means it can do the work for you. 

But PHP provides only tools. The developers shape security based on those tools. 


This is the area that shows PHP as a clear winner. This is because PHP is open-source. It is a popular web framework.

 But ASP.PHP can charge some fee for the license and hosting. The charges are very less, but compared to free PHP service, ASP.NET seems costly. 

Major Websites Built Using PHP

  1. Facebook
  2. Wikipedia
  4. Flicker
  5. Yahoo

Major Websites Built Using ASP.NET

  1. Stack Overflow 
  2. Microsoft
  3. GoDaddy
  4. DELL


The difference between ASP.NET and PHP is a good question to raise. But there is no second thought, that these are the best frameworks. Both ASP.NET and PHP are the best frameworks. Both have used by several developers. Both are widely accepted and recognized. 

They have their advantages and disadvantages in many areas. 

This article shows a detailed picture of both frameworks. This piece will give you an understanding of the differences between ASP.NET and PHP. 

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