Android 10 v/s Android 9: Who’s Better And Who’s The Best? An Exclusive Comparison in 2020

In the battle Android 10 v/s Android 9, who is the winner? How is Android 10 different from its predecessor Android 9? Is it worth upgrading to it? If you have these queries within your mind, then don’t worry! In this very blog, we will answer all these precisely. 

All Android lovers eagerly wait for the upcoming Android OS upgrades. This is because, with each update, various new features are introduced which enhances the user experience. 

Keeping this trend intact is the latest 10th version, i.e. Android 10. They released it in 2019. Since the beta testing updates, everyone waited eagerly for an update on their smartphones. 

As per the stats regarding Android 10, the users of Android 9 are very much happy with Android 10. But why? Let’s get to know about this in the rest of this post. So, let’s start.

What all you get in Android 10?

Android 10 came to live with eye-catchy 50+ features uncommon to the Android 9. But, since it is not possible to list all of them, I am listing the showstopper ones.

Dark Mode

Eyesight related issues are very common these days because of the increasing usage of smartphones by the user. So, to reduce this, Android 10 comes up with a feature, Dark Mode. When enabled, it converts the screen into a black shade with white text over it. Therefore, it reduces eye-strain. 

And, this dark mode feature will feature in every default application present in the phone. This includes the messaging app, contacts, calculator, etc.

Support for foldable phones

Foldable phones are the future of smartphones across the globe. Take Samsung Galaxy Fold, for instance. It’s India’s first phone of such a kind. So, everyone owing it jumped with joy after knowing that Android 10 supports foldable phones. 

Live captions 

The Live Caption is another frontline feature of Android 10. An added advantage of this is that it works in both online and offline mode. With this feature, users can enjoy automatic live captions on audios, videos, podcasts, etc. 

Face Recognition 

This was absent in Android 9. Face Recognition feature allows the user to unlock his/her phone with a blink of an eye. 

Not only this, but users can also confirm in-app purchases and approve Google Pay transactions. 

Undo App Removal

Many of us have a habit of installing and uninstalling apps that we rarely use. While doing so, we sometimes, accidentally uninstall the important app(s). 

Then starts the lengthy process of installing it again from the Play Store. Isn’t that boring? It is! 

Therefore, with Android 10, you can now undo the action of uninstalling an app as soon as you uninstall it. This is a life saviour for many users (like you and me).

So, these were some eye-catchy features of Android 10. Now, let’s compare the two versions of Android OS, Android 10 and Android 9. 

Comparison between Android 10 and Android 9

Battery Optimization and Power Saving

What is the difference between android 10 and android 9

Android 9 and Android 10 share an equal proportion of success with battery optimization and power saving. In Android 9, automatic brightness control improved battery usage and its longevity. 

In Android 10, dark mode took it a step further. Hence, in Android 10, the battery seems to last longer for every full charge.

Fast share

Using the combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Android 10 promises the sharing of files at lightning speed. This fast share feature is an upgrade to the older Android Beam in Android 9.

Wireless connectivity

In Android 9, there was the provision of connecting 5 devices at a single time to Wi-Fi. This was possible only by entering the password individually. Android 10 took a step further. 

It simplified connecting with one another by sharing the password.

UI design and themes

In terms of UI design and themes, both Android 10 and 9 are just #1 and #2 in rankings. Android 10 added vibrant colours to everything and curved the edges of the icons. 

These all give an aesthetic appearance to the smartphone. In Android 10, the user can now change any theme as per the preference. Hence, Android 10 is very much effective in recreating the overall user experience. 

Messaging and Emoji

This is where both Android 10 and 9 are identical to each other. In Android 10, there is a feature of Smart Reply and Suggested actions. 

Using the smart reply feature, if your friend asks you ‘how are you’, then you can just reply 👍. This is better than typing the entire sentence, I am fine! Right? All these features were not present in Android 9.

So, this was all about the 10th version of Android OS, Android 10. With an entire range of unique features, Android 10 is a must-have in smartphones. 

So, what are you waiting for, check for the update and experience all the above features LIVE!