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An Exclusive Guide: On How To Design A Game App for Android and iOS?

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How to design a game app? Are you wondering about it? If yes, you are in the right place. Read further and get an answer to your query, How to design a game app!

Gaming is gaining a lot of success worldwide. To support this, let me present some stats in front of you. Last year i.e. in 2019, the game app market’s revenue crossed the mark of $100 billion! Isn’t it shocking? Indeed it is! 

So, what are you waiting for this year? Design your first app and join others around you. But, how? 

If you’re wishing to design your first app, keep in mind it will have to stand along with millions of other gaming apps. It’s your duty to ensure that your app leaps forward orders. 

There are many ways to achieve that. Some ways I am mentioning below for your reference. So, let’s start unfolding that ‘secret recipe’ of your first app!

Develop an epic idea, not great!

Go to the Play Store and search for games. The list for the same may not end. But to your surprise, you are going to notice that only a handful of millions of apps stand apart from the rest. Because they lack uniqueness and the implementation of an idea. 

So, make sure your app doesn’t fall in the rest. For this, brainstorm with the team, come up with an epic idea, not a great one! Also, research a lot, talk to experts, and just don’t follow the first idea that comes up to you. 

In this way, 50% of the job gets done. 

Create a Story for the gamers

Do you love Clash of Clans? If yes, for what? If I were you, my answer would have been the story! Yes, the story is what that keeps the gamers glued to one particular game. 

If there’s a story, gamers will try to reach through the end and just not leave the game in between. They will get addicted to it. That’s the main aim for any game developer. So, try to unfold a story via your game with unique characters that can fulfill the goal for you. 

Keep everything simple and soothing

Control elements are the most important elements of a game. Hard or complex controls are not just right for your game. So, go for only simple, soothing, and smooth controls. 

This is a pro tip. Include levels in your app. Keep all the levels locked except the first one. So, the user is more likely to get glued to your app in the quest to unlock all the levels. 

Also, ensure that the user gets some reward(s) in the form of points during the process.

Build a monetization strategy 

See, developing a game for Android/iOS is not free. Lots of money goes behind creating a successful app. The better is the game, more is the money spent! So, in order to earn some money in return, build a convincing monetization strategy. 

This is another important phase of the solution to the query: how to design a game app? There are various options for doing so. Some are:

  • Ads
  • Micro-transaction
  • Including a premium mode in the app, etc.

Number of levels

This is the most important thing and is worth pondering over. In some games, limited levels are enough, the sole condition is that levels need to be difficult. 

But, today that strategy doesn’t work. Think of Candy Crush. There are numerous levels in this gaming app and all are easy. This way, the user doesn’t get fed up and just continues ahead. 

So, the point of saying here is that keep numerous levels (easy ones + difficult ones towards the end) in your app. This also ensures that your app remains installed on their phones for eternity. 

What types of game app you can/should design/develop?

  1. Word/Puzzle games
  2. Casual games
  3. Racing games (car/bike)
  4. Brain games
  5. Arcade games, etc.

Wrapping Up!

So, here this exclusive blog on how to design a game app ends. So, as per the future of gaming, your future as a game app developer is going to rock. A sole condition is that you follow this blog religiously. 

So, start brainstorming today and start designing/developing your gaming app.

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