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A Look Around At World's Biggest Trade Show: Consumer Electronics Show (CES); 2020

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Everyone is today fond of technology and gadgets. They form an important part of our life. So, if you’re one of them, CES is what you need to visit every year. CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show. It is a trade show which is held every year and organized by the Consumer Trade Association (CTA). 

It all started in June 1967 and in 2020, it was its 53rd edition. They always organize it in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. It shows off an entire range of gadgets, electronics, etc. that will launch during that year. 

From headphones to TVs, from kitchen appliances to smartphones, everything is art here. We also know CES as a hub for advances in automotive technology, television technology, etc. 

Every big company takes part in this mega tech event to showcase its innovations to the public. So, getting more excited? If yes, let’s walk through this mega-event, starting from 2011 to 2020. During this decade, CES attracted the most visitors. 

So, let’s walk down the CES memory lane.

CES in 2011:

In 2011, connected TVs, smart appliances, Android Honeycomb, Ford’s Electric Focus, Motorola Atrix, and Microsoft Avatar Kinect were all introduced at CES. This was the time when CES gained much more viewership.

CES in 2012:

3D printers and 3D OLEDs got all the attention in CES 2012. Along with these, Eureka ParkTM  showcased the top 100 start-ups that changed the world completely.

CES in 2013:

This year, CES got an extra edge than the previous editions. Because in this year, the launch of Ultra HD TVs and the world’s first-ever driverless car. 

GoPro, a key action camera, became the largest selling camera in the US. This changed the way it recorded the actions.

CES in 2014:

In CES 2014, wearables (bands, watches, etc.), smart gadgets, robots, health tech and cars were the key attractions of the 2014 edition. 

This year onwards, tech became more personalized and gadgets started their own conversation.

CES in 2015:

Quadcopter drones were a huge hit at CES 2015. A tech Ring that allows users to play music from a phone, curtains that close and opens using gestures only got launched. 

Also, a robotic arm that plays beer Pong, and a smart self-adjusting belt became the party poppers at CES 2015.

CES in 2016:

This year, it displayed a camera embedded wearables like watches to the public. Also, the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) got a nod.

CES in 2017:

This year marked the 50 glorious years of this mega tech show. Hence, the launch of ultra-thin HD TVs, self-driving cars, electric cars, and other technologies at CES’s 50th edition.

CES in 2018:

The launch of world’s first ever smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor in 2018. Plus, smart and tech-powered kitchens became a reality, all in the 51st CES edition.

CES in 2019:

At CES 2019, the Impossible Foods launched its own version of Impossible Burger, Impossible Burger 2.0. Tech giant Lenovo showcased a series of smart devices equipped with Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Intel shows off the next-gen chip technologies, and IBM revealed its first-ever commercial quantum system. So, this year was by far the most engaged year at CES.

CES in 2020:

This year, also the 53rd edition of the CES, Toyota launched Toyota Woven Smart City. Impossible Foods came up with unique pork, which is plant-based pork. Delta Air Lines launched the first-ever airline at CES. 

Also, Mercedes came up with a new car concept. All these were the key attractions of CES 2020, which was held from 7th January to 10th January in Las Vegas, US.

So, with this, the blog ends and hope you enjoyed it. So, CES started in 1967 and till date, is the most loved tech trade show in the world. 

With time, it is gaining more popularity and they advise it to visit it once. So, book your passes for its 54th edition in advance.

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