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9 Things That Made Us Laugh in 2019: PM Humor

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Product management or PM can be a tough job. Along with the challenging priorities to direct various stakeholders to deal with. And to-do lists, which are a mile long. With all this pressure, it’s beneficial to take a break. And then try to look for the humor in the sometimes-trying circumstances. Product Management’s confront day in and day out.

As the expression goes, if you didn’t snicker, you’d cry. So, skip the tears — here are nine things that make us laugh this previous year. 

1.Like a broken record

Well, you must know the “lol or sob” emotion? That is the response this Tweet got from us. Hence, creators wind up saying similar things again when somebody reaches them for their job. Also, product (NOT PROJECT) managers manage similar circumstances. Consequently, they keep rehashing these lines at work and when talking with individuals at parties. Like, generally (all?) PMs, Veronica Belmont of Adobe Spark has worn out on being a messed up the record. 

2.Rose is …

Next, this beautiful Valentine’s Day poem is only for the UX and design companions. — We love all, even long past February fourteenth. Thus, if this one made you laugh, there are many more takes on it in the Twitter wall. Also, before you know it, it’ll be Valentine’s Day once again — we suggest getting inspired now. 

3.Wisdom from Jeff Goldblum

Likewise, we know — Jeff Goldblum knows nothing about product management. This sentiment from the artful culmination that is Jurassic Park stands. So, ask yourself: do you (or, your users) need that function? And, Is it true that you are stating “yes” to something because your team has equipped to create it? Well, with nothing else, this Tweet reminds every one of us to prevent it. Additionally, think before hopping into a possible superfluous (or terrible) project. 

4.The immoral product manager

Now, back in May, we facilitated the first-ever ProductCraft meeting in San Francisco. And, also keeping in mind that we had a ton of entertaining and intriguing speakers. One introduction stood apart as especially funny. Jen Dante’s session, “The Promiscuous PM,” was both entertaining and useful. Thus, they’re joining “tipsy user” situations with applicable and helpful advice. What’s more, talking about the ProductCraft gathering, another one is coming up. — Don’t pass up a major opportunity. 

5.Not-so-linear processes

Basically, Product Managers (PMs) obsess on why’s. Why are users leaving my application now? For what reason aren’t users returning as I’d like them to? Or, why do people aren’t using this astonishing feature? Do we also believe that if we continue inquiring about why things occur? Hence, the main driver will uncover itself. Yet, like every single beneficial thing throughout everyday life. — And all flowcharts — this is very confusing. 

6.The funny pages

We like comics as much as anyone else, and this one from Shipping Tomorrow is especially relatable. Also, we loved it so much that we considered making one of our discussions. “So, are you a glass-half-vacant or a glass-half-full sort of PM?” However, we unequivocally presumed we’d get two reactions to this joke. 

7.Clearly Hilarious

Now, in June, we had the delight of having creator and speaker April Dunford. As our visitor on the Product Love Podcast. So, if you haven’t as of now, we will suggest you read her book. Thus, it’s Awesome, which is one of our most loved product-related peruses. Moreover, being an incredible author, she’s entertaining enough to be a standup humorist. Well, tune in for yourself and see what we mean. 

8.Put something on my calendar

Alright, this one isn’t explicit to product managers. Also, in case you’ve at any point worked in an office, you can likely identify with the above comic. So, what makes it better is that it has been tweeted by our great companions at Use FYI. Basically, who knows some things about quick paced workplaces? Thus, we’re not saying that ALL gatherings are pointless. But a considerable lot of them could most likely supplant with an email. #truthhurts 

9.Now boarding

A couple of brief weeks prior, editions of this “disillusioned father” meme were everywhere on the Twitter verse. What’s more, the PM taken by Laura Gao (who herself works at Twitter) circulated around the web. Hence, she has over 250K retweets. So, we weren’t the main product individuals who could relate.

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