7 Traits Organizations Look Out For In A Product Manager Before Hiring In 2020

Every product-based company and organization looks for excellent product managers. This is because a product manager can a company from ground zero to sky highs. 

But many of us still don’t know who exactly is a product manager? 

So, in this blog, we will discuss you about what a Product Manager is. Not only this, we will discuss the top 7 traits that every organization looks for in a product manager. So, with no delay, let’s start.

Who is a Product Manager?

A product manager is a working professional whose main duty is the development of products. We know this practice as product management. 

Product Manager

A product manager specifies the requirements of a product, manage the launch of its features, etc. Although they work hand-in-hand with product designers, SE, and data scientists, at last, they own the credit for its success. 

A product manager makes sure that every product meets the expectations of customers and the organization. 

What all it takes to become an upright Product Manager (PM) in 2020?

Although there are many factors that make an individual a promising PM, the below 7 traits are the most mandate ones. 

Core Competencies

Most of the core competencies for a PM develops from the school days. While many others develop with experience and hard work. Some important core competencies for a PM are:

  • Conducting customer interviews
  • Conducting a thorough market research 
  • Modelling pricing and revenue of the product and from the product
  • Defining the product’s success metrics 
  • Preparing a successful road map for the present and the future

These core competencies form a strong base of a PM. Hence, for a PM, it is important to master all these core competencies. 

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Today, Emotional Intelligence is the most sought after skill for a Product Manager. An individual with high EI forms strong relationships within the organization. 

Also, higher EI means that the individual knows how to navigate properly to ship a good product. 

Relationship Management 

Once a wise man said, “A good product manager is one who is a good relationship manager”. Hence, since then, relationship management is highly taken into consideration while completing a PM. A good PM must develop healthy and loyal relationships with every stakeholder. 

Relationship management leads to successful negotiation and resolves various conflicts. This motivates everyone to work together towards a common goal of success. All these loyal relationships come handy when additional funding is required from outside. 

Last, these skills help to transform an angry customer (due to bugs in the product) to one who believes that you can fix them. Hence, hone up your relationship skills to qualify as a quality PM.


A good PM needs to be self-aware. Because it prevents the PM from imposing any preference(s) onto his users. If a PM is not self-aware, he may prioritize a feature in the product he developed when everyone is against it. 

This also punches the relationship of the PM with the product engineers. So, a PM must be enough self-aware in order to prevent this.


Not only to a PM, but this self-management skill also applies to everyone. PM needs to manage everything. Starting from generating the product idea, from guiding its development to promoting it to the customers. 

This makes the life of a PM stressful. He has to keep an eye on everything, both internally and externally. 

Therefore, if a PM can’t manage all these properly, he can quickly lose the trust of his partners, stakeholders, etc. 

Hence, a good PM is one who knows what to prioritize and what not. So, keeping away the sense of stress or fatigue is the top-most quality of a PM. 

Social Awareness 

Just like Social Awareness, Social Awareness is again the most sought-after skill in a PM. It is the duty of a good PM to understand the emotions of his customers regarding the product. 

It is as important as understanding the concerns of the sales department on how to sell the product. Therefore, a PM must have a deep understanding of how the organization operates. Also, he must know how to build social capital to influence the success of their product. 

Finally, social awareness makes sure that the PM ship products that satisfy the customers.

Company Fit

Do you know that every trait listed above will be of no use if not applied to the right company? Yes!! 

This is because applying all the above qualities to a correct place guarantees 100% success. Therefore, if you possess high EQ and core competencies, your next step should be to uncover who’s hiring! 

Hence, every PM needs to fit in the company well. This is possible only by knowing what the company is looking for.

So, here, this blog finally ends. I’m sure that this will definitely help you, the future product managers in the best way. Hence, master these 7 traits and start your journey as a quality PM.