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30 Best Blogs and Podcasts for Web Developers To Follow in 2020

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Are you looking to know about the best blogs and podcasts to follow? If yes, you are in the right place. Here in this list where I’ve collected 30 active blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. They post all these blogs in 2020. We associate few of these resources with some topics and technologies. 

Blogs and Articles

1. Smashing Magazine 

Smashing magazine has around for some time. It has extraordinary resources for CSS, HTML, JavaScript and front-end innovations. Also, it has articles on things, for example, design trends, work processes. And more personal substance like the psychological well-being of web developers. 

2. David Walsh

David is a kind of JavaScript-based blog. Also, this webpage features articles on present-day JavaScript. Things like guarantees and sync, de-structuring, node, react, and even a few Jquery. If you’re a JavaScript engineer, at that point, look at this blog. 

3. is one of my best picks for written tutorials. I get a lot of my thoughts from this site. They do everything from each of the 3 front end frameworks to Laravel, Node, HTML, and CSS and a lot more. 

4. Tuts+

Tuts+ from Envato is also the best website like scotch. The articles here are similar tutorials. Also, it will tell you the best way to do or manufacture something. Also, they have a wide range of classifications from visual communication to full-stack development. 

5. A-List Apart

A-List Apart has been around for a very long time. I referenced this site when I was learning HTML and CSS. They, mostly, manage CSS and styling. Responsiveness, typography, etc. You can tell each article is all around considered and written well. 

6. Cats Who Code

Felines Who Code is a different development blog. Also, it incorporates business-related subjects. This is an extraordinary blog for freelancers. They have a great deal of WordPress stuff. And I know is mainstream in the world of freelancing. 

7. Superhero.js

Superhero.js is an amazing site for JavaScript developers, I likewise love the plan. Each article has classified into things. For example, code association, testing, instruments, etc. 

This is another significant asset for present-day JavaScript language structure.

8. Codepen

Codepen is a front end play area to post ventures. I get a lot of thoughts from codepen. Yet they additionally have a blog and what I like about this blog is they post difficulties. Thoughts and things for you to make as a task. They likewise toss in certain tips and assets to point you the correct way. 

9. Planet Python

Planet Python is a Python-based blog. It’s very innovative as far as subjects. They spread subjects, for example, frameworks i.e. Django, Flask, DevOps, development. Along with Python news, AWS, and so forth. 

10. Developer Drive

Engineer Drive features articles identified with a wide range of languages. For example, JavaScript, PHP, Java, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They even have posted on stuff like UNIX file consents. There are additional articles on profitability and being effective. 

11. Simple Programmer

Now, the other one is simple I’m certain huge numbers of you have known about. John Sonmez, who likewise runs a YouTube channel made it. They also call this a Simple Programmer. Yet he’s moved to self-improvement type recordings. 

12. SpeckyBoy

Speckyboy is a greater amount of the website design class with posts on visual design, CSS, WordPress, and so forth. They center more on the look and believe and UI/UX instead of frameworks and programming languages. 

13. Laravel Daily

Laravel Daily is a blog identified with the Laravel Framework that is a PHP based framework. So in case you’re a Laravel designer, this is an absolute necessity. They have articles about features, design, deployment and a lot more. 

14. Github Blog

The GitHub blog generally centers on GitHub related news and subjects. Yet GitHub is a colossal piece of most developers’ works process, so it’s in every case great to know what’s going on. Things like news and occasions. Software integration, security and a lot more. 

15. DZone

Dzone features articles on an immense scope of subjects. They talk about development in various languages. And also databases, dev ops, Artificial Intelligence, big data, and the rundown goes on.

16. RingStack

RingStack is a development blog outfitted towards Node.js and server-side JavaScript. They have specialized articles like integrating, debugging. And also different advances with Node, building microservices and so on. This is an unquestionable need for any Node engineer. 

17. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is amazing for learning. It’s like scotch, tuts+, videos, articles, books and courses in languages. Like PHP, JavaScript, Python and other dev based topics. A ton of their stuff is premium yet they have some extraordinary free content too. 

18. LogRocket

LogRocket is a bug columnist augmentation that might merit looking at. Yet they likewise have a sweet blog with heaps of state-of-the-art dev stuff. Extending from CSS to JavaScript to web assembly as well as Rest APIs. 

19. React Blog

React is the most well-known front end JavaScript framework. And in case you create in React, I would recommend following their blog for the most recent features, integrations, news, and a lot more. 

20. Ode To Code

Ode to Code is another blog that spotlights on Microsoft related development like Azure, ASP .NET, and so forth. This is a region where I don’t have a huge amount of experience yet might want to get more into later on. 

21. TutorialZine

TutorialZine is a phenomenal asset for articles and tutorials. It’s for the most part front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as things like Sass and Bootstrap. They likewise offer complimentary themes and plugins now and then, which is cool. 


22. JavaScript weekly

JavaScript Weekly is a week by week newsletter. Also, it incorporates things like news, tutorials, and videos, etc. 

23. Frontend Focus

Frontend Focus is another week after week newsletter like a javascript week after week. It may even be similar makers on the grounds. That the presentation page is indistinguishable. Yet, they have assets sent to you week after week including CSS, HTML, Canvas, Web GL, browser technology and so on. 

24. Responsive Design Newsletter

Responsive Design Newsletter is a different roundup of themes. Like responsive structure articles, tips, tools, tutorials, and many more. They additionally have a blog, yet it is obsolete, as the previous post was in 2016. 


25. JavaScript Jabber

Javascript Jabber is a show from, and they talk about the best in class in Javascript. Any new features included. They talk about subjects like useful programming, design examples and a lot more. They likewise feature interviews with some conspicuous developers. 

26. Boagworld

The Boagworld Web Design Show is a digital podcast by Marcus Lillington and Paul Boag. Their content differs as far as the innovation. Yet it’s everything intended for developers, architects. And even individuals that keep up their very own sites. 

27. The Changelog

The Changelog is a web podcast for full-stack developers and is the one biggest web podcast network on the web. They’re conversing about things like GraphQL and REST to dev operations and cloud hosting. 

28. The Big Web Show

The Big Web Show is an honor winning digital podcast, facilitated by Jeffrey Zeldman. It covers an assortment of themes including a wide range of web innovations, art and design, content strategy and so on. 

29. The Laracast Snippet

The Laracast Snippet has facilitated by online educators, Jeffrey Way. Also, I owe a ton of what to know that person. What I love about these scenes is he gets into the self-support universe of a developer’s life. 

30. ShopTalk

ShopTalk is another front end UI/UX web podcast facilitated by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier. And every week, they feature a unique visitor. I haven’t had the opportunity to tune in to this digital podcast yet I’ve heard beneficial things. 

I hope these 30 Best Blogs and Podcasts for web developers in 2020. So, you can find some essential information here. Also, it will help you become a great developer.

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