12 Zapier Alternatives That You Should Try At Least Once

With the demand for apps and the rise in the use of mobile devices for everything from checking your emails to checking your Google balance, there is an intensified interest in ways for automating things.

The days of punching in your password for every service you sign up for are almost over. There are lots of ways you can use it to connect with your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts connected to your email address.

This is where Zapier comes into play. It is a remarkably useful tool that allows you to connect apps and automate your workflow. It saves time and assures you that your business is running smoothly. But Zapier isn't for everyone. So in this post, we will be taking a look at 12 Zapier alternatives and competitors.

Best 12 alternatives to Zapier that you should know.

1. Integromat

It is a very simple tool to use as well as study when compared to Zapier.



  1. Zapier offers user-friendly editors that help in creating automated workflows without any coding. It also helps users to understand automation, what is happening and the results delivered.
  2. You can also choose the starting point from where you can begin processing your data.
  3. It combines with hundreds of apps and provides HTTP/SOAP JSON models. You will be able to connect with almost any web service using this feature.

2. Workato

Workato is an open-source mobile automation platform used for creating, testing, and automating workflow automation over iOS and Android. It supports all the latest workflows, Xcode, Selenium, Google material, Android client SDK, and OpenSuite.


  1. Workato makes setting up custom workflows for different types of apps very easy.
  2. It offers several automated integration providers to choose from, and these providers make life much simpler for integrators.
  3. Workato is a very secure app and it offers access controls, encryption, and data privacy with data masking for users.

3. Automate.io

Automate.io is one of the best Zapier alternatives 2021 that allows you to effortlessly integrate all your cloud applications. It will allow you to automate marketing, sales, and business processes. You will be able to run social media, send automated emails, monitor your leads, and so on.



  1. It is specially designed for business users and not programmers. you can make your integrations without any technical help using the drag and drop interface.
  2. It is very easy to set up and offers at least three times more tasks across all plans.
  3. Cross-functional work close without any coding for increasing sales is also offered.

4. Microsoft flow

Microsoft flow is an alliance and process automation tool that helps in connecting various services and programs. It was developed internally at Microsoft and the main goal was to create an easy to deploy, extensible framework for developing and deploying cloud-based apps.



  1. Built-in ability to automate complex business requirements.
  2. More than a thousand templates for helping users set up automation are also offered.
  3. It comes with a comprehensive collection of connected and worksheets that will enable you to connect with almost any existing business process.

5. PieSync

It helps you sync all of your devices, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones/tablets, Amazon Kindles, iPads, and other tablets and smartphones.

There are two ways to sync your data across many devices with Piesync. You can opt to synchronize your information with one of their cards or with an online application.



  1. Pie Sync is compatible with a wide range of online applications, including social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, as well as markets like eBay and Craigslist.
  2. You may also sync your contacts and calendars with your email clients, such as Outlook or Gmail.
  3. PieSync also gives you access to all of the custom fields from your selected groups, allowing you to add more material to your emails and perform additional actions on them.


It is a technological platform designed to enable organizations to employ distributed systems and services together. IFTTT stands for "IF This Then That"

It is a basic web-based tool, allowing internet usage in a format that may be processable on servers, to produce chains of logically conditional assertions.

It's the best Zapier-free solution.



  1. Connect to more than 600 services, including applications, corporate tools, the cloud, email providers, physical devices, etc.
  2. Use IFTTT to control your lighting and appliances, manage your TV and video game console, manage your home heating and cooling system, and even play MP3 tunes.


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7. LeadsBridge

It is a strong iPaaS tool that enables firms to enhance their omnichannel strategy through automated cross-sales efforts. The Leadsbridge Platform is ideal for companies wishing to simplify their ad operations through the integration of Facebook & Instagram ads, Google Ads, and Linked In Ads into the social media marketing platform.



  1. LeadsBridge integration offers automatic lead management, social media integration, tools for social networking, integration of mobile devices, business intelligence tools, leadership visualization, and web analytics.
  2. You get access to real-time data, which can be utilized to handle your leads when utilizing LeadsBridge.
  3. It offers bespoke integrations for complicated procedures, making it ideal for businesses that aren't on the list of connectors.

8. CloudHQ

You may share emails, label, collaborate and monitor them by using Gmail productivity tools. CloudHq now supports all accounts to safeguard data in real-time. It helps small and large companies to use Gmail's full potential to do more in less time.



  1. The two-way backup makes it a great alternative to storage services, especially for people who want more than simple backups.
  2. It offers free email templates, schedules for meetings, notifications for texts, screenshots, email links, recording screencasts, etc.
  3. It also allows for the configuration, administration, and restoration of cloud files.

9. Action Desk 

Action Desk is a top free Zapier alternative for workflow automation-driven processes for non-technical teams. It allows companies with simple skills to develop strong automation.


  1. You may import data onto your current screen from other computer software programs, such as a tablet application.
  2. The rows of your Action Desk screen can be imported from Excel or other text files.
  3. Workflow management helps to ensure that work runs smoothly.

10. Huggin

Huggin is a system for designing workflows and performing automated tests online. It can read the web, watch events and take actions on your behalf.



  1. It offers lifecycle-based monitoring of data for reducing risks.
  2. Adioso connection, HipChat, FTP, Pushbullet, IMAP, Basecamp, JIRA, next bus, Pushover, Bash, RSS, Wunderground, etc.

11. Elastic.io

It boosts the ability to quickly connect to any web server and REST, SOAP, Padata, and other protocols. It is a very hybrid integration platform and is best suited for big corporations.



  1. Enterprise applications are cloud to cloud or cloud to ground.
  2. Cloud, hybrid, and API integration are also available.

12. Tray.io

It is an API integration platform best suited for companies. Tray.io helps you grow your business at the same time by keeping your workflow efficient and smooth.



  1. It provides quick and easy integration of apps and services by using powerful automation tools.
  2. An instinctive drag and drop editor is also available that requires less time for beginners to learn.


As seen above, there is a wide assortment of Zapier alternatives and competitors for you to select from. Choosing the solution that best works for your organization or project will be beneficial as it will not only help to reduce the time spent on manual tasks but will also help you to achieve business goals more quickly.