You’ll Be Surprised To Know About These Weird Mobile Apps

by Appsierra Jul 21 ,2018   /  


Mobile Applications are mostly created in order to solve problems. Mankind has an infinite number of problems and along with the innumerable problems, we have an infinite number of Android applications to resolve these problems.



At times, our audience is weird and they have some crazy, out of the box choices. Now, whenever iOS or Android app developers create an application, they do it only when they have a huge section of the audience to address from around the world.


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Let's read a little about a few of the weirdest mobile applications in the world:





The very word demotivational in the title, suggests the extent to which this app can actually demotivate a user. In spite of the demotivating title, people actually install this app out of curiosity. Once you open this app, you’ll be taken through a whole gallery, comprising of the most disgusting pictures. The pictures are so gross, that they can actually ruin your entire day. Don’t dare to see these pictures early in the morning, these demotivating pictures would actually drain all the positivity out of you.

Recommended or Not: Yes, if you’ve encountered the worst in your life.





“Ghost Hunting Tools”, Sounds quite scary!! Isn’t it? A sane and sensible person would never want to try this application. This app helps people communicate with the ghosts and spirits roaming around us. Its believed that a few gadgets and some ultramodern technology like an electromagnetic field detector helps the living talk to dead beings. This ghost-hunting tool application has the EVI detector, EMF meter and word analysis to communicate with the spirits.

Recommended or Not: No, don’t use it, until and unless you are too thirsty for an adventure with ghosts.





The reason behind creating this application is maybe because of the way people live their lives these days, always preoccupied with the notifications and updates. This application simply has a blank screen that does not work at all, hence this app absolutely does justice to the name of the application. The mobile app developers must have had workaholics and gadget addicted people on their mind while developing this application. This app is a form of relaxation for all such people.

Recommended or Not: Yes, if you are addicted to apps and want to relax.


4. YO



Ever heard of this application before? This app is very similar to the “WhatsApp”, “Like” and “Hike” applications. “Yo” app is probably the least weird app compared to all the above mentioned apps. It at least does something by sending a text to your friends that say ‘Yo’. The messages also reach out to you on all the different social media platforms. This application is developed by an Israeli app developer and has received 3 million downloads. It is one of the most highly demanded apps on the iOS store.

Recommended or Not: No, just move and say hello yourself.





This application is the weirdest app for people who live in the city because, in cities, people use packaged milk in their day to day lives, but the reality in the countryside is something completely different. People in remote areas prefer doing most of the dairy product activities on their own and don’t have dairy stores like Mother Dairy, Amul etc with preserve products, and even if they have, they prefer fresh milk from the mini dairy at their house. This app is a huge boon for the country folks living far away in the distant villages.

Recommended or Not: Not recommended for city-bred people.





“Send Me To Heaven”, is another complete time pass application. If two little kids are left alone without toys, even they would come up with a more interesting and intelligent game than this. This app was born out of the throw your balloons and balls game, that we used to play as little kids. It calculates how high you throw your phone in the air. This is the only thing that the app has got. The highest scorer can share its score and challenge you to beat him/her. You can download the app for free, but after you break your phone by throwing it in the air, it might cost you a fortune.

Recommended or Not: It's a dangerous game and you might end up breaking your phone if you play it on a hard surface. It's better you do something more productive with your free time.





Some of us love cuddling much more than others. Cuddlr is a weirdly sweet application that helps you find all the people in your vicinity who love to cuddle but don’t admit it at all. It can be declared as a secret application because sometimes you just feel like cuddling and not looking for something serious and this application helps track such cuddling vibes.

Recommended or Not: Yes or No, it's completely your wish.





LSD is a synthetic crystalline compound, lysergic acid diethylamide, which is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Now, many of you might not know that LSD is known for creating hallucinations in the brain. This app is so weird that it comes with a warning message. The optical illusion creates natural hallucinations on the app users. The app developers must be quite brave to promise to have an acid like experience in a few minutes while staring at the crazy patterns and visuals displayed on the screen.

Recommended: Yes, if you are an adventurer at heart.


After all, Android Developers are human beings like you and me and they possess the full freedom to have a little fun or experiment with their skills. At times, we can all unleash our crazy side and experiment with the bizarre and the absurd to get rid of the boring and the mundane. There is nothing insane about it. Some of the greatest inventions of all time were thought about in a lame or stupid way. Have you been searching for the Best mobile app development company in India? Contact AppSierra, a top Android app development company in India.