8 Most Creative Design Tools For App UI/UX Designers

by Appsierra Jul 20 ,2018   /  


This is the age of Android applications and almost all of us spend most of our time on Android or iOS devices. User experience is the most vital element that developers need to keep in mind while developing an application. These days, UX has become an inseparable part of the app design process, that’s because we live in a world where every single day it's becoming harder to win a customer.



Implementing a high-quality user experience design solution helps app producers influence their target market because a catchy, attractive and easy to use UI/UX design establishes a positive relationship with a customer and he/she finds it easier to use the product without misinterpreting it. The biggest benefit of this is that it helps build a positive brand image and enhances growth.

At times, it becomes a big headache for us and we find it hard to select the best programs for App design creation because there are so many programs available that one could simply write down a detailed handbook about the most useful mobile app design tools.

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Today we have decided to list down nine of the finest UX design tools to help you create marvellous designs for your mobile apps.





Adobe XD is a quite recent tool released by Adobe. It allows you to make prototypes of mobile and web apps. Only professional UI/UX designers can use it and the best thing is that it provides all the essential tools required to develop an app’s interface. While designing, you can very easily navigate between the visual design view and the app prototype. Plenty of tasks like duplicating screens and creating grids are automated. You can create drafts, make project changes in real time and instantly share the projects with other team members who use Adobe Creative Cloud Solutions.





"Sketch" is another superb program for creating user-friendly interfaces, websites, icons and elements that will improve the UX of your app. Working with Sketch is quite similar to working with a vector graphics program which has an ability to group together shapes and name those particular groups to keep everything organised.





Worried about managing your workflow, creating interactive prototypes and making collaborations comfortably? "Invision" is a hugely popular prototyping platform which allows UX designers to successfully manage these functions. It will allow you to integrate your project with Photoshop, which simply means that you can observe changes in the project in real time. You can also connect it to Dropbox or Slack and represent your work on Virtual Boards. If you select this app designing program you can be confident about the fact that you are working with a continuously developed software of the highest class.





Axure RP helps you with the rapid creation of interactive prototypes of projects, even if you don’t have any knowledge of programming languages. Moreover, this software provides access to important tools which help analyze certain problems and search for solutions accordingly. The biggest benefit of Axure RP is that the user interfaces for websites and network apps created in Axure RP can be both static and dynamic.





“Framer” is a fantastic solution for rapid prototyping of mobile apps. With framer, you’ll be able to design pixel-perfect icons, high-quality, responsive designs and much more. It has a huge range of engaging functions and especially features some of them among all the other functions, like a powerful SVG editor, adaptive layouts and also enables you to export formatted SVG and CSS code. The program is very easily integrated with Photoshop and Sketch which always makes your work on interfaces and animations more compelling.





Did you know, that the prototyping platform called “PROTO.IO” developed by Labs Division is a simple to use tool, using which you can design your own apps? And It doesn’t require even 1% coding skill. Although, it's not a free app and you are allowed to test it freely for a 15 days time period, “Proto.io” makes it simple to import your projects from Sketch or Photoshop, create the app flow and preview each of the projects on any device by making use of a web browser or a mobile phone. In case, you want to discuss your ideas with your teammates on a single click, you can do that as well.





“Marvel” is the simplest web-based prototyping tool that will help bring all your ideas to life. Its chic, cool and requires no prior coding experience. Its usage is very simple, you just require to drag and link the elements. One of its most exciting features is that it allows you to import your projects from Photoshop or Sketch and create beautiful, interactive and clickable prototypes for various devices.





Adobe Photoshop is the most developed and well-renowned program used for editing and creating graphics. With 3D support, a user can develop spectacular 3D designs and merge them with their 2D work. New versions of the program allow users to build interactive prototypes of apps. It also allows designers to create complicated, high-level graphics comprising of hundreds of layers and high-resolution vector graphics. While using Photoshop, a designer has complete control over colours at the pixel level.

In order to create breathtaking, superb quality UX designs, you don’t need to use all the above-mentioned tools. Let your design team test a few of these tools and stick to the one which you find most convenient and easy to use. Reach out to AppSierra, one of the best mobile app development company situated in Noida, India for all your app UI/UX Design & Development Services.