5 Major Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Redesigning a Website

by Appsierra Jul 20 ,2018   /  

How many of you have heard people say, that nowadays, ‘If you want your business to flourish, first and foremost you need to create an impressive website?’. The website is a stepping stone to your business organization’s online presence. Businesses keep redesigning their websites at regular intervals, in order to make the website more memorable, so that it creates a larger impact on the visitors and fetches the business owners more clients.

On the other hand, sometimes what happens is that businesses feel like changing their business strategy and for that, they redesign their websites. These organisations want to adjust the existing website according to their new strategy, and hence they undertake a website redesigning process.

Remember! That you should avoid the 5 mistakes mentioned below before you set out to redesign your website.

1.  Not Fixing Proper Goals For Redesigning Your Website

The first thing, before you start fixing a problem is that you need to know what the problems are and understand what is causing them. Until and unless, you analyze the problems in the right way and plan properly, you just won’t know where to start, what to solve and how you want your website to finally appear after you have finished redesigning it. You should borrow ideas from websites who deal with similar products.

2. Focusing More On The Appearance And Less On Functionality

The attitude should be to redesign your website in such a way, that the aesthetics and functionality, both are taken care of. Excellent looks are simply no exception for smart layouts and easy navigability. Sometimes, these 2 factors will collide and you’ll have to choose one over the other, but don’t get deviated and try to remain devoted to both the factors equally. Always remember, that your website should first and foremost be functional over anything else.

3.  Sticking To A Small Budget

If you went for a website redesign 2 years back, don’t expect that you’ll get away with the same budget at present. This time you might be expecting quite a lot from your redesign, unlike the past. In the past, websites just required online brochures, but today an infinite number of businesses compete with each other and each one of them tries hard to deliver the best with custom and advanced functionality. With advanced functions, like content management systems and responsive designs, you just can’t pay the same amount as you did a couple of years ago.


4.  Being In Oblivion Of The Client’s Requirements During The Redesigning Process

It’s necessary to let your customers know, that they came to the correct place and that you are simply in the process of redesigning your website. You cannot stop work during the redesigning process. First-time visitors who come to your website during this period might never return back if you turn them away. You must always be careful about your client’s requirements and should not disappoint them. Try to explain to them that, this is the right place and that you simply made some changes and added new things in order to improve their experience. This is how you will show them that you care.

5. Working Only On The Design Part And Neglecting The Content Strategy

In order to be on the top of the search results, you’ll have to enhance your design with a brand new content strategy, which takes care of all the stages of your customer’s buying process. You need to recognize patterns based on how people behave on your website, check where they interact with your content and also determine that where exactly they decided to leave. You need to write valuable and relevant content which includes trending news, industry information and interviews that your customers will like. It is vital that people like your content and that it is properly optimized for search engines. Google loves relevant content, and according to the content, you’ll be ranked higher.


If you are smart enough, then you’d know that Website Redesign is a great investment in terms of time, as well as money. If you go through all the above-mentioned points carefully, and not make the mistakes, then your website is sure to impress clients, which would, in turn, drive your business growth. IT companies planning to redesign their websites can get inspired by AppSierra, a leading web/mobile apps design, digital marketing and software quality analysis company situated in Noida.